More Chains Than Brains: Pushing A Mod Motor To The Limits. What Goes Into Mark Rogers’ Radial Car.

More Chains Than Brains: Pushing A Mod Motor To The Limits. What Goes Into Mark Rogers’ Radial Car.

I first met Mark Rogers at Mooresville Dragway one night when I was in town and came to hang out with Eric Yost (Bigun). Bigun introduced Mark to me and told me how bad ass his Mustang was and that it still had a mod motor in it and was one of the quickest anywhere. I immediately made a smart-ass comment about how an LS fits perfectly in one of those and would actually make it fast compared to the rest of the world, not just mod motor cars. He laughed and gave me some crap right back and we laughed. 20 minutes later we were standing in line at the concession stand when Mark and I bonded over our love of a good fried or bbq bologna sandwich, and we’ve been friends ever since.

I still bust his balls about the mod motor, but that’s just because I can. His car is legit fast, has set several records, and is a force to be reckoned with in Ultra Street at the radial races. You probably saw our recent video where Mark accidentally tapped the wall in this car, so we thought we’d share the series on the engine that Peter Harrell has going on his Real Good At Doin’ Stuff YouTube Channel.

This car is as clean as they get, and Mark is serious about going fast and having fun with it, but doing so with a Mod Motor takes A LOT of extra work and development. He and Pete have put a lot of time and effort and money into this to do what they’ve done but it certainly is a passion project, not the easy route.

Below are the first two episodes of the video series. Check them out and we’ll share more.

Video Description:

Life is hard when you race a stock block mod motor sometimes. A dyno session with Mark Roger’s mustang and a trip to the track. One correction….the block is Nemak, not NVH.

More Chains Than Brains Episode 2! Line honing and balancing Mod Motor Mark.

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