NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Video: A 5-Second Pro Mod Spots A 7-Second Tiny Tire Mustang – Does He Catch Him?

NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Video: A 5-Second Pro Mod Spots A 7-Second Tiny Tire Mustang – Does He Catch Him?

(Video credit: VictoryRedColorado channel YouTube) – In just a couple of weeks, BangShift will be LIVE streaming the 2016 Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl thanks to our great sponsors and Precision Turbo and Engine. This is the biggest race on the NMRA and NMCA tours respectively and it draws tons of cars that don’t usually compete with the series on the regular. We’re insanely excited for the broadcast but more than that YOU SHOULD COME! There are hundreds and hundreds of cars and some of the most unique drag racing you will ever see. Don’t believe us? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EVENT 

The culmination of the Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing was the actual “super bowl” event itself which finished off the event. In this highly entertaining format, class winners from the NMRA eliminators are pitted against class winners from the NMCA eliminators and since the classes are not identical, there’s a variety of equipment and handicaps used. In what was the most hotly anticipated pair in the quarter mile portion of the program, NMCA pro mod winner Steve Summers of Illinois was pitted against NMRA Renegade winner Alton Clements. This was a handicapped start race with NO breakout. The handicaps were established off of the performance of the cars over the course of the weekend and again, the race was about who could get to the finish line first. There was no breakout.

This is the craziest handicapped race I have ever seen or announced in my life. Why? You are dealing with cars that are brutally fast for their particular class rules. Summers pro mod was repeatedly running in the middle 250mph range and the small block, ProCharger equipped Mustang of Clements was churning its small tired chassis down the track in less than 8-seconds and into the high 170s. The speed differential here is amazing but just look at the cars sitting next to each other. It appears to be completely nuts…only because it is.

Yes, this has an element of danger but so does everything else. The big question here is whether Summers could spot Clements two seconds (basically) and still catch him by the 1,320ft stripe. We’re not going to tell you if he did it or not because we want you to watch the video. There were 12 pairings that were all fun to watch, but this one really stuck out. We’re going to hunt down some video of the eighth mile stuff because that was equally as awesome.

Although it is one of the most grueling races we have ever been involved with, the Nitto NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl stands as one of the coolest because of the cars, the attitude and the conclusion.


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3 thoughts on “NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Video: A 5-Second Pro Mod Spots A 7-Second Tiny Tire Mustang – Does He Catch Him?

  1. jerry z

    I was amazed that the PM beat the Stang. Bumping up to the line looks harder to be consistent than rolling to the line like the Mustang did. Wonder how close the race was to the line?

  2. Falcon67

    I have what I’d consider a really good one in my collection of strip vids and pics. Friend ran that S-10 (have to look it up – don’t remember) S-10 jet truck at a Texas Steak Express sponsored deal at the drag strip. A real bracket round, Malibu Top ET car vs Jet Truck. Malibu wins, crowd goes wild.

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