The Famous “We’ll Have An Automobile Race” Scene From Two Lane Blacktop

The Famous “We’ll Have An Automobile Race” Scene From Two Lane Blacktop

To the normal person Two Lane Blacktop is a horrendous movie but to gearheads it is an amazing cult classic. As you know we are gearheads and  because of this fact I thought that I’d try to dig up my favorite scene in the movie.  This is the part where Dennis Wilson and James Taylor scope out a drive in to find a candidate to street race for money. They happen upon a cool 1932 Chevrolet with a 427ci big block in it and decided to go in for the kill.

The exchange between Taylor and the owner of the ’32 is one of the coolest in car movie history. CAUTION – THERE IS SWEARING – AN “MF” GETS DROPPED HERE AND IF THAT OFFENDS YOU, YOUR PETS, KIDS, CO-WORKERS, OR CELL MATE DON’T WATCH.

When Taylor tells the guys that he’s not, “in the habit of seeing the Chevy work against a two bit piece of junk,” it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The line is delivered so matter of fact that it is totally great and frankly is elevendy-thousand times better than some blustery yelling and screaming on the drag race TV shows currently out there. Then there’s the awesome “make it three yards mother-bleeper and we’ll have an automobile race,” line that is probably the best ever delivered in a car movie. The sounds of both big block cars being power shifted down the road is beyond compare.


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9 thoughts on “The Famous “We’ll Have An Automobile Race” Scene From Two Lane Blacktop

  1. Piston Pete

    Big Brother has blocked access on my computer, but I’ve seen it so many times that it’s ingrained in my psyche. The Oscar moment of the movie, though for pure verbal foreplay the ‘talkin’ ’bout cicadas’ fence scene is hard to beat.

    1. Rocco B.

      NBC Universal want to be paid before you watch it. It’s a good scene, I’ll have to dust off my copy and watch it for the 25th time.

    2. Hugh Jacksident

      \”You bore me.\” — What \’The Girl\’ says in response to the Cicadas line.
      Kinda hard to hear in the scene unless you listen with headphones.

    1. Danno

      Greedy short sighted bastards. Chances are there are at least a few readers who have never seen the movie. Watching the clip might introduce some young car dudes to this classic and guess what, they might actually pay to download and watch it it! Guess they don’t want the free advertising.

  2. He'll za Pop'n

    Great classic scene but it’s “three large” as in $300, not three yards. He is already racing a 2 bit piece of junk. He would ask for a spot.

  3. Gary

    I think it’s one of the most hideous movies I’ve ever seen, next to Vanishing Point, maybe, and I’m a Mopar guy. That said, I was going to try and endure watching the clip just to see if there was some redeeming value I’d missed when I actually spent money to see this turd at a theater. Alas, NBC Universal has decided it’s so freaking bad, they aren’t going to let anyone see it again…

  4. Cyclone03

    I have the DVD set including the printed screen play, I would like to see the scenes cut from the movies ,fills in a few holes in New Mexico.


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