Hardcore Intake: Holley Releases A Single-Plane Split Design EFI Race Intake For Gen 3 LS Engines

Hardcore Intake: Holley Releases A Single-Plane Split Design EFI Race Intake For Gen 3 LS Engines

If you are building a hardcore Gen 3 LS engine with cathedral port style heads, Holley has just dropped an intake manifold that you should consider for your build. This single-plane split design EFI race intake is ready to accept a monster throttle body on top and fuel rails/injectors in the runners to feed your engine the air and fuel that it needs. The two piece split design makes this a very easy piece to port match, or perform custom porting work in the plenum or runners. Assembly and disassembly is ultra simple and the price point of this intake is about 30-50% of what you’d expect to pay for another piece using this same technology and configuration.

This is a race style intake that is designed to be used with rowdy engines that are going to spend more time at full throttle than idling to the ice cream stand. Hardcore race parts for LS engines make us smile because it means that their evolution is still in full swing. Looking for a hairy chested, big lung intake for your build? This could be your ticket –

Here’s the info from Holley on this bad Jose of an intake!

Holley is pleased to announce the release of their Single-Plane Split-Design EFI Race Intake Manifolds for GM Gen 3 LS engines. They’re perfect for race and high-performance LS engines and are designed specifically for cathedral-port cylinder heads and 4150-style square-bore throttle bodies. They’re lighter than ordinary split race intakes and cost one-third to one-half as much. The two-piece configuration makes them easy to disassemble for custom porting and port-matching; shoulder-bolt locators and captured O-rings make reassembly simple and precise.

Race-bred Holley Single-Plane Split-Design EFI Race Intake Manifolds are available in both silver and black and feature an A-B height of 7.32 inches (0-degree carb-flange angle) for plenty of under-hood clearance and cathedral ports 3.28 inches tall and 1.10 inches wide. They’re ideal for EFI applications with displacements from 5.3L to 6.2L and deliver optimal performance across your entire RPM range and maximum power up to 7,000 RPM. To ensure a fast, hassle-free installation, the fuel rails, O-rings, and all the necessary fasteners are included.

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