The Parting Shift: The 12,000 RPM Nova Launching Hard

The Parting Shift: The 12,000 RPM Nova Launching Hard

This week’s parting shift takes us out of the drivers’ compartment and places us straight up in the grand stands. That’s A-Ok as you’ll find out when you watch the video, because there’s no way this car sounds better inside than it does on the outside.

According to the video description, the car is packing a G-Force five-speed and a 276ci small block Chevy. The video also claims that he launched the car at 12,000 RPM. Who knows if it is true, but is sounds awseome!

Here’s the video, turn up the noise –





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6 thoughts on “The Parting Shift: The 12,000 RPM Nova Launching Hard

  1. Pontiacdragracer

    It just about hurts your ears when he launches! Time to buy stock is his valve spring provider…….

  2. Loyd Edwards

    Gives me the itch to build a 377 CID SBC Gen1 (400 block with a 350 crank)

    It’ll have just a bit more torque… yeah baby.

    Or maybe a 400 block with a 283 (stroke) crank…

    Dang it, now I gotta invest in the Comp Cams valve spring arena….

  3. CMoore

    Definitely like modified production. I had an old friend (Lynn Underwood) that ran modified back in the day. He used a similar displacement combo and left the line at 9800- 10,200 rpm. He said before he got past the tree he was pulling 2nd, and the motor had to be 11,000 rpm +. For anyone to say this motor was not spinning 12,000 rpm’s is a fool. Lynn told me in those days, he would eat 2-4 springs a pass!

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