Et Tu, Corvette? Judging By The Looks Of It There Will Be A Corvette SUV Coming From Chevrolet

Et Tu, Corvette? Judging By The Looks Of It There Will Be A Corvette SUV Coming From Chevrolet

(By Tom Lohnes) – This is a majorly sad day. On a GM investor call set on a stage of unreleased cars, sat a white SUV with the headlights from the current generation C8 Chevrolet Corvette. Does this mean what we think it means? I sure hope not.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has recently been in our family’s garage, and I can say for a fact that it was an excellent SUV, with performance deserving of the Mustang name but room similar to the Edge SUV. Although this is a great vehicle, the idea of a Mustang SUV pains me to think about. Well the Corvette, up there with the Porsche 911 as the most famous sports car in the world, might have the first 4-seater model in 68 years. This seems all too real to be another vehicle, too.

GM promised a high-performance Chevy SUV, and with the Camaro leaving the stable soon, the Corvette is the only high-performance nameplate readily available to GM. I wouldn’t be too mad at a Camaro SUV, but the name Camaro is kind of synonymous with low sales these days, and an electric SUV version wouldn’t help with that.

So, I hate to say it, but a “Corvette” could be transportation to soccer practice pretty soon. What do you think?


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14 thoughts on “Et Tu, Corvette? Judging By The Looks Of It There Will Be A Corvette SUV Coming From Chevrolet

  1. 71C10SWB

    I hope not. It really dilutes the brand. But, it seems like if Ford or GM like a front end styling style, their new idea of “design” is to take that same face and slap it on everything they produce. Take a look at any year from the late 60’s or 70’s GM and look at the whole vehicle line. You can tell a Chevy from and any of the BOPC family. The styleing from one line to the other was distictive, yet it had a common language….you could tell it was a Chevy…you could tell it was an Impala, Chevelle, Corvair, etc. But, they were different. AND THEY CHANGED SOMETHING EVERY YEAR. Glad they made that logo change, it’s going to make all the difference in the world.

  2. orange65

    Of the near infinite number of words available, they have to reuse a nameplate while changing the direction of the brand. What a travesty to the name. Much like they should have done with the Mustang SUV, the name needs to be dropped and new one chosen.

    SUV’s are the best seller of all body styles, so it doesn’t surprise me the shift to SUV’s. However, not everything needs to be an SUV.

  3. Tubbed Pacecar

    Yup, can’t really pretend to be surprised, if a company is dumb enough to think that redesigning their logo is somehow going to CHANGE the company, then adding C8 headlights to an SUV completely checks out………

  4. Robert

    Not a big surprise since a lot of high end car companies like Porsche have diluted their portfolio with an SUV. I don’t see why they cant have a SS version of a Tahoe or something along those lines.

  5. green junk

    The Cayenne and the Macan pay for the development of the 911, They should have created a Corvette lineup of vehicles a long time ago. It doesn’t dilute your brand when you create good vehicles, I think that will be the shortcoming. The Cayenne is a remarkable SUV, an Equinox with Corvette badging will not be.

  6. Pizzandoughnuts

    I guess it wouldn’t be any different than putting Corvette headlights on my wife’s Vue. These auto focus groups are not concerned with muscle cars anymore, they care about soccer moms forming huge lines at there dealerships clamoring for the greatest SUVs ever made. And electric vehicles shoved down our throats, like we were writing letters everyday to make it happen. Car companies are changing, but not for us.


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