This R-Code 1964 Galaxie Custom Is A 427ci, 4-Speed Piece Of Ford Factory Drag History – For Sale!

This R-Code 1964 Galaxie Custom Is A 427ci, 4-Speed Piece Of Ford Factory Drag History – For Sale!

While the later 1960s factory drag machines like hemi Darts and Cobra Jet Mustangs get lots of attention, the cars that really spin our cranks around here are the early 1960s iron that got the ball rolling on the whole factory drag racing craze. Cars like Super Duty Pontiacs, L79 Novas, and R-Code Galaxies were designed to fall into the right hands and serve as rolling advertisements of each manufacturer’s prowess at making horsepower thereby luring legions of young car buyers into showrooms. This 1964 Galaxie Custom is an actual R-code monster that has the original solid-lifter 427 engine it came with, the four speed Top loader is came with and it has been restored to the correct color both inside and out. The car carries a hefty asking price of $70,000 but the owner claims that it is one of only 15 built in this style and one of just a handful (or less) known to exist in the world.

The Galaxie Custom body style was a complete stripper to start with and so whoever ordered this thing knew exactly what they were doing. The math is pretty simple, right? Lightest car, gnarliest engine, meanest transmission, and steepest gear ratio possible would give you a car capable of brawling with all the other iron on the streets and strips of your local area. It is difficult to put into words how influential cars like this were in the early 1960s but the manufactures, despite public proclamations against supporting racing and high performance were shoving these things out back and side doors while lying to each other about their existence.

If you are a Ford performance fan, this is a total dream car to own. It looks like the seller really went all the way with the restoration (yes, he has the original hood) and no nickels were spared in making this car as close to original perfection as was possible. There are some repop parts on it like the headers but you have the right body mated with the original engine and transmissions. Can you imagine all the abuse this thing survived back in the day? Yowza!

In the event the car sells early, here’s the text of the ad:

This Custom 2-door Sedan R-code is by far the rarest of the 1964 (factory produced) 427/4spd cars, w/less than 15 built.  1964 R-code Galaxies – hundreds built.  1964 Galaxie “Lightweight” – 100 built.  I have done my research and in 5 years, I have only found one other road worthy Custom R-code (currently being restored) & 1 story from a past owner (his car being MIA).  My car is the only 1964 Custom R-code listed on the 427 Registry online (check it out online –  The Custom Sedan was a bare bones factory drag car & again more rare than the Lightweight cars!   Perhaps by offering my car on eBay – a couple more original 1964 R-code Sedans will surface.  

* I am giving a very brief description here – “serious” buyers are encouraged to contact me directly for a full run down of this extremely rare car.

– 4 year complete restoration – period correct “street/strip” look
– new paint – org. Guardsman Blue
– new interior – org. Med. Blue
– correct date coded (org. to the car) 427 solid lifter motor – two 4 barrel carbs (Holley) – motor was removed & completely gone thru 
– 4 spd Toploader re-built (Hurst shifter)
– all new front/rear suspension (factory) & adjustable gas (drag) shocks
– 4:11 rear end
– all new brakes
– Tear Drop hood (I have the org. factory hood)
– period correct 3″ exhaust – Crites headers & cut-outs
– period correct bias-ply tires (the rears are Monarch “street” slicks from the 1970’s which are in perfect cond!)
– period correct dash mounted drag tach
* She runs perfect – is always stored indoors – and of course turns heads everywhere she goes (nothing is more beautiful sounding than a solid lifter FE motor!)
* She is always the rarest car at every Car Show!
* Again – questions are welcomed & if you by chance own an org. 1964 Custom R-code, please contact me (I would love to hear about your car!).
* Serious offers are welcome.


galaxie1 galaxie2 galaxie3 galaxie4 galaxie5 galaxie6


EBAY LINK: R-Code 1964 Galaxie Custom 

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11 thoughts on “This R-Code 1964 Galaxie Custom Is A 427ci, 4-Speed Piece Of Ford Factory Drag History – For Sale!

  1. Lee

    It’s a very nice car and rare . . . but IMO it’s overpriced. By at least $10,000. According to some, Ford built 2450 R code Galaxies in 1964. Almost all were 500s and 500 XLs (The XL stands for Extra Luxury BTW). The fastback body style is the most popular and that’s what people want. You can buy one today for less than $55,000 – original drive train, fully restored.

    This car is a case of . . . is rare valuable? Is it worth more than a 500 or 500 XL because it’s a Custom? .

    I guess it’s like a 1962 409 Chevy. Is a 409 Biscayne worth more than a 409 Bel Air or a 409 Impala?

    1. C1BAD66

      All things equal, I believe a 2-door 409 ’62 Bel Air coupe certainly would be worth more than a Biscayne (and maybe the Impala) ’cause the Bel Airs were the only bubble-tops.

      1. BigDogSS

        Chevrolet also made a 2 door Bel Air sedan in 1962. I’m sure 409s were installed in that model also.

        1. C1BAD66

          You are correct, but they had the “formal” roof.

          Were they lighter than the bubble-top hardtops? I don’t know.

          From a styling and aerodynamic point, the bubble-top would be the preferred body.

  2. RB

    When these were new I would have cut off my right …….. for one. Now I’d cut off my left one.

  3. old guy

    Will always have a soft spot for 64 Galaxies – one took my sister and I through high school – that car should have been bronzed !
    Put the poor thing airborne one night just to see if we could .
    Slideways with all 4 locked up on the expressway in Boston ,etc.
    That 4 spd FE custom make me drool ….

  4. tom t

    I had one when i was to young to appriciate it fully and not the funds to rebuild it. It was during the vietnam thing . Didnt knoe if I would be drafted or not.
    Any way it was wore out smoked and could shake the crank up an down.
    But would it run…oour best race (you probily wont believe) we had to wait while an ss 396..442 were lined up. A 409 impala pulled up beside us. I think most never gave such a plane jane car a second look. Anyway when it was all over we were at the lite first…… We always had trans trouble ours had a T10 in it. We tried a Muncie broke it too . didn’t of top loader than.Any way love your csr its beautiful.

  5. Trey

    Production statistics by model do not exist, so I suspect his “1 of 15” has bee pulled out of his arse.

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