This Video Shows The Process Of Making The Awesome V12 LS Blocks – Amazing!

This Video Shows The Process Of Making The Awesome V12 LS Blocks – Amazing!

Last year at the 2016 SEMA show the world got its first up close and personal look at the amazing V12 LS engine. Now as the program has moved along the guys making these things down in Australia have come forward with a cool video that gives an inside peek into the creation of an engine platform that is pretty jaw dropping. The first version of the engine was made by joining up a couple of factory blocks and heads. That lead to the concept being proved out and the project advancing to the next logical step of making a one piece block and some dedicate heads. Well that is exactly what you are going to see when you look at this video, how that is done.

The video is interesting because it talks about some of the goals that the makers of the engine have. Firstly they are looking to blow past the 1,000hp mark naturally aspirated, they are creating some LS7 style cylinder heads now to achieve that goal. After that? Well after the boost will come into play and once the boost shows up, this thing is really going to show how much gusto it can make and if the thing is able to hang into the boost and RPM we doubt that 2,000hp is out of the question.

It may look freaking strange but damn if the idea hasn’t proven itself and once you see the video you’ll understand the fact that these guys are SERIOUS about this deal and are not just sawing engines up and JB welding them together in their basement.

Check out the video below and get a more in-depth look at exactly how these things are made and what you can expect in the evolution of a freaky cool engine program!

Here’s a neat overview that looks into the process of making awesome V12 LS blocks

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14 thoughts on “This Video Shows The Process Of Making The Awesome V12 LS Blocks – Amazing!

    1. GeorgeA

      Honestly is there a need for *anything* on these pages? It’s all kinda unnecessary, which is exactly what makes it all fun.

      The V-12 would be cool in a 1960s luxury hot rod resto. The Eldorado was originally intended to have a V-12 but is FWD. Maybe a smoothed De Ville 2-door? Or a boattail Riviera?

  1. Roger

    90 degree V12s are inherently unbalanced, I wonder what they’ve done to combat vibration? Even tho I’m a hard core Ford guy I wish these guys all the luck in their venture, can’t help but love the idea of a V12 LS.

    1. Matt

      Hi Roger, you are right that the engine is odd-fire. That is fine here because a V12 is inherently balanced at any angle. Unlike most odd-fire engines where the firing angle makes a poorly balanced engine worse, in the case of a V12 odd-fire makes no difference to balance. We worked with ATI on the damper which was even easier to balance than a V8 LS due to the neutral primary and secondary imbalance, meaning we could stick with a 90 degree bank angle and maintain all the aftermarket LSX support. – Matt from

      1. Roger

        Thanks for the info! Now I’m off to buy some lottery tickets so I can afford one of these 😀 !

  2. Bill Greenwood

    A V12 69-72 Corvette with a Tremec 6 spd, Marina blue on something period correct in a 16 or 17″ version. What’s not to love?

  3. BeaverMartin

    Three words: Cheetah Kit Car. Also Cadillac should buy some and build an actual halo vehicle like the ones they’ve been teasing for years.

  4. Mont

    A first Gen Monte Carlo with that big ole hood could easily swallow one of these, and four turbos.

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