The End: Watch The Final NHRA Today Episode Ever, Circa 1998 – Neat Stuff Here

The End: Watch The Final NHRA Today Episode Ever, Circa 1998 – Neat Stuff Here

NHRA Today was a staple show for NHRA drag racing fans over the course of the 519 episodes that were made over the years. It was a way to see what was happening in the sport, a way to get to know the drivers better, a way to see them in their natural environment, and a way (especially on off weekends) to get some drag racing coverage in your life. If you can believe it, a bunch of the people involved in the current NHRA television world had a hand in making this show.

Starting in 1990 and running through 1998 on the TNN channel, the show was hotsted by Steve Evans and over the years had a rotating cast of support characters. Some of the most fun off the cuff moments that you’ll ever see out of drag racing’s 1990s stars came on this show. Racing go-karts, seeing people’s cars, acting out some campy skits it was a lot of fun and 10-18 year old Brian Lohnes hung on every episode.

This is fun stuff and we think that you’ll dig this final, blow-out episode.

Press play to watch the final episode ever of NHRA Today made in 1998

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7 thoughts on “The End: Watch The Final NHRA Today Episode Ever, Circa 1998 – Neat Stuff Here

  1. Pontiac drag racer

    NHRA Today on TNN and the videos on MTv, Oh those were the days. Both were innovative for the day. Even drag racing was more interesting with the wide range of personalities. Steve Evans was the best at his job. Obviously in with just about every race team, he could talk and talk without goofing up the commentary. I truly miss those days.

  2. Clarence Sifton

    I watched every week religiously and once my cable provider threatened to drop TNN from the service! I responded with a nasty letter ( pre E-mail) that I would cut my cable conection off at my property line if they proceeded. That never happened but it was unfortunate that TNN never lasted because it put a large void in dragracing on television for quite a while after that.
    Here today we have NHRA/TV the best thing that ever happened and Brian between you,Tony and Alan rank right up there with Steve and Mac with your coverage!

  3. Cindy Harmon

    Just curious…which of the people involved in making NHRA television today, had anything to do with NHRA Today?? I kinda think not….

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