We Told You Finnegan’s New Drag And Drive Project Needed Help, Well It’s All Coming Apart Right Here! Major Changes Inside!

We Told You Finnegan’s New Drag And Drive Project Needed Help, Well It’s All Coming Apart Right Here! Major Changes Inside!

Last week we shared that Mike was going to have to make some changes to the car in order for it to be ready for doing drag and drive events, and that came as no real surprise. But what needs changing is a little more that you might think, so take a look and see how they pull this whole car apart and get it ready for some newness. It looks like a stripped out stolen car doesn’t it?

In typical Finnegan style, something in the new race car is just not going to work and requires some surgery. But it’s fine. I mean it will all be fine, right? This project is something special, and considering the fact that it was originally built for a completely different engine combo and yet the LS kind of fit during mockup. But to be honest, it seemed like that first video on this thing went a little smooth. So let’s see what kind of stuff went sideways in the video below. If you missed the first one, just click the link below.

Finnegan has a jillion cool projects going, but he’s been trying to keep this one a bit of a secret while tickling us all with posts on his new engine build over at ACE. He’s gave us a sneak peak in the last video though and showed off the engine that will power it. This car is more seriously built than anything he’s run before, because this one is aiming to run 6’s at 200 in the quarter during events like Drag Week and Rocky Mountain Race Week.


Video Description:

Episode 301 is an update on the no-longer-a-secret small tire project, my 2018 Lexus LC500. Now that it’s at RK Racecraft in Cartersville, Georgia, it’s time to get to work. The car was blown completely apart until it was nothing but a shell, some tubing, and an engine. During the process of taking the car apart, all of the carbon fiber inner paneling was removed and a lot of the interior rollcage tubing was removed in preparation for a new design. Stay tuned for more on this awesome car. In the meantime, following along for real-time updates on my social media channels: Instagram @Finnegan999 Facebook: Mike.finnegan/news Want more info on the tires I’m running on this car? Go here: https://www.mickeythompsontires.com/d… Want more info on my engine? Give Ace Racing Engines a follow here: ‪@ACERacingEngines‬ Thanks for watching! -Finnegan

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