The 19th Ferrari 250 GTO Ever Built Will Be Sold In August – $50-million Could Be The Final Price

The 19th Ferrari 250 GTO Ever Built Will Be Sold In August – $50-million Could Be The Final Price

They are the most desired, the most beautiful, and the most expensive cars in the world and very rarely do they ever come up for sale. When A Ferrari 250 GTO hits the auction block it is international news because there’s a virtual lock on the fact it will become the most expensive car ever sold. That honor currently goes to an old Mercedes that was sold a year or two ago for over $31-million but that’ll be spare change between the cushions when the 250 GTO you see below hits the block at Pebble Beach in August. More than one pretty knowledgeable outlet is predicting that the price could hit $50-million bucks. We could go through some awesome comparison about how many Camaro fifty million dollars would get you but that would be like comparing how many pounds of hors meat you can get as opposed to aged filet mignon. The 250 GTO is a study in awesome on all levels. From the sounds to the shapes, the car is unmatched before or since. I should probably mention that I like them.

If you want an idea of how much these things have come along (like all old race cars), I found an ad for a dude selling a real one in the back of a Motor Trend or something from the middle 1960s with an asking price of about $7,000. This one will go for $50-million or somewhere close. There’s few things on Earth that have appreciated like that! Adding to the mystique of this car is the fact that a guy died in it. A guy named Henri Oreiller crashed it and died during the 1962/63 campaign. The car was sent back to the factory and mended back to as new condition where it has remained ever since. In fact, the car has been owned by the same guy for more than 40 years and that man is now set for a payday of epic proportions. Incredible, right?



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5 thoughts on “The 19th Ferrari 250 GTO Ever Built Will Be Sold In August – $50-million Could Be The Final Price

  1. Gary Perkinson

    Not to get political or anything, but $50 million Ferraris are EXACTLY what happens when your government drops money out of helicopters in a desperate attempt to prop up a completely broken economy…

    1. GuitarSlinger

      …. actually … More like what happens when More Money than Brains collectors compete with one another to inflate their somewhat deflated over aged Viagra addled egos by seriously over paying for what is a significant albeit hardly worth that kind of money car . A couple of years ago I was part of an event that had the most Ferrari GTO’s in one place ever . Even got to drive one . Magnificent and beautiful ? You betcha . Historically important ? Yup ! But $50 million magnificent and beautiful ? Not hardly . Living proof that actual Value and common sense plays no part what so ever in the Collectors market … any collectors market

      As to the ‘ political ‘ point . I get what you’re saying …. and though not entirely relevant to the car in questions value …. a good and well founded point indeed

  2. Lee

    The car that John DeLorean chose to give his new Pontiac midsized muscle car a name . . . GTO

  3. Scott Liggett

    It is definitely one of the most beautiful of the ’60’s era Ferraris. I do agree with Guitar that much of it’s value is based on bragging rights of the country club set. Being sold during the week of the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach; the amount of money that will be there is absolutely staggering.

    The fact that ticket prices to the show, The Quail, Motorsports Gathering, is not published anywhere means those with salary jobs need not apply. “if you have to ask the price……”

  4. jerry z

    If I had the “money is no object” situation, yea I’d pay whatever it cost for a 250 GTO!

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