Shocker: We Have Discvered A Hot Rodded Fiero That Is Actually Really Cool!

Shocker: We Have Discvered A Hot Rodded Fiero That Is Actually Really Cool!

When the words “hot-rodded Fiero” are uttered by anyone there’s usually a roll of the eyes, side glances, and snickering, right? There’s usually some unfortunate glue-on parts, some weird appendages added to the car, and the whole thing is just a giant pile of wrong. Well, dear readers here’s the thing. There’s an exception to every rule and this just so happens to be the exception to the Fiero rule! You are looking at a legitimately neat customized Fiero that we’d actually drive and not be horribly embarrassed about.

The suicide doors are a little much but may actually make ingress and egress better in the little car. The engine is not exactly an earth shaker but its’s a 385hp 350 small block that has been equipped with TPI fuel injection, thereby making it about a 330hp small block Chevy. The transmission is a stick jammer out of a Pontiac G6 and the interior is literally straight our of a Ferrari 355. The wheels are good, the stance is good, and frankly the idea of rubbing around town with a car that no one suspects has a V8 in it is kind of cool.

Are we completely lost here? Have we lost our minds? Is this not kind of a fun and interesting car? YOU tell US.

eBay: This 1984 Fiero is hot rodded and pretty awesome, actually 

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17 thoughts on “Shocker: We Have Discvered A Hot Rodded Fiero That Is Actually Really Cool!

  1. elkyguy

    i’m with you on this one—i think it would be loads of fun driving around–not a fan of lambo doors,but it does look like ingress is improved,and with them ,the speakers in the door panels may actually live—-i wonder about the weight bias,but if your goal is to do doughnuts,then…….

    1. Jeepster

      these are ‘suicide’ doors elk – lambo doors open up/forward. thinking aluminum block & heads update now that the difficult things appear to be sorted

  2. Matt Cramer

    There are only two concerns I have about it – one is that this sounds like it needs an intake manifold swap ASAP, and two is that the chopped roof, while looking good, might mean I wouldn’t have enough headroom to drive this thing comfortably. Particularly while wearing a helmet. Because if I bought that, I’d definitely want to use it for things that need helmets.

  3. Tony Primo

    Those aren’t Lambo doors, Lanbo doors scissor up at the front. As the article states those are suicide doors. Is it possible that anyone on the BangShift staff can actually fit in this car and have room enough for their feet to actually work the clutch and shift gears cleanly?

  4. Chris

    I wish I had the picture to share, but back in 1991, Dayton Ohio, was a White 1984-1986ish Fiero that had a custom built V6, mated to a special built 6spd with a functional Tunnel Ram sticking out the rear, Only got to talk to guy & see car once in Vandalia, Ohio by the Dayton international Airport, he said Jegs had done the custom build on the motor & trans, not a Fiero guy, buy a car guy & it was props to him, sounded great, looked great, but was a Fiero… Would like to find & see car again because was 1 of a kind build & how often do you see a tunnel ram sticking out of a Fiero……

    1. Jeepster

      I also saw that car in Nashville in the late 80’s !! the rearview mirror was moved to the side because the snorkel chimney was right in the center of the rear window. The scoop was not very tall but the top curve matched the roof line arc. There where also some graphics along the rockers ( I can not remember what they were ) and BBS basket wheels – wow

  5. Yep

    This is a genuinely cool car with the minor exceptions of the doors and chrome valve covers–which, admittedly are a matter of personal taste–and the major issue of weight distribution. Maybe that transmission is far enough forward for a little balance, but not much. Not sure about $40k, but this isn\’t about collectibility.

  6. MGBChuck

    Many years ago I drove one with a NorthStar (Caddy) conversion when I worked at a consignment dealership, was fun, about 300hp/automatic, couldn’t give it away though. Seemed like it had potential (looked stock). Little cars with V8s I like

  7. TrickyNicky1983

    There are a lot of Fiero conversions out there. The trouble is, the car received a bad rap as a production car, so why should a conversion be any better?
    I’ve seen a few decent conversions, most with kits by some guy named Archie, (a now defunct company), but they always stopped at the body, after they shoe-horned the V-8 out back. They really should’ve gone the full magilla, and totally re-done the interior. Instead, it was always the same old tired Fiero interior, except maybe a new stereo, some oversized speakers, and an amp that was larger than the car’s battery. They could have really stepped it up by grafting in the entire electrical system of a more modern, more technically advanced vehicle.
    I did see a YouTube video of a guys Fiero that used the entire engine/trans/dash and harness of a late model Monte Carlo, but I never saw the finished product. It looked promising!
    In the world of custom automobiles, with the Chip Fooses of the industry, the advances that they’ve made possible, the ideas that they’ve shown us, that anything’s possible if you really want it bad enough, you’d think that more guys would be knocking each other out of the way to prove their chops,and show off their skills.
    I’m currently in the planning stages of combining a Dodge pickup with a Mercedes Benz engine/trans/suspension/interior. Just working on how to either graft the truck body onto the Mercs chassis, or install all the Merc parts into/onto the Dodge’s platform. And if I have the wherewithal afterwards, I may even work out the grill/lighting graft, to further emphasize what a Mercedes Benz truck should look like. That Nissan/Mercedes is an abomination.

  8. Bob Crow

    When I see suicide doors on a custom car, I know immediately that the owner doesn\’t think like I do… Ergonomics score poorly when bumping your back on the side window glass as you get in and out… I must give the guy credit for shoehorning in a Chevy V8. But I\’m a much bigger fan of turboBuicks.

  9. Jeepster

    Just noticed something else on the photos guys .. HA
    remember to disable the ebrake BEFORE jumping in there cowboy !

    ha ha

  10. old guy

    The Fiero needed two things – a good A arm front suspension
    and the GN turbo six – but that would have made them faster then the
    Vette of the era – GM could not have that happen …
    Stock they would corner hard enough to put the oil pressure light on.
    Check out how they were made – all the body mounts were drilled
    at the same time on a huge multi-spindle machine center

  11. Charles Moxley

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