If You Want Something That Really Fits Your Custom Project, Then Chassisworks CustomFit Is The Chassis Solution For You

If You Want Something That Really Fits Your Custom Project, Then Chassisworks CustomFit Is The Chassis Solution For You

Just yesterday I had a friend asking me about my Caprice chassis swap that I did in my 1956 Bel Air Station Wagon named Rusty. I did this swap in 2005, and it happened just out of dumb circumstance that had not started with a chassis swap in mind. It turned out great and is a fun car that got super famous and has been driven tens of thousands of miles. But when a friend asked me questions about it for a new project he’s recently acquired, I told him I didn’t think it was right for his project and that got me thinking. There are tons of options in the full chassis world, but most of them come complete and ready to paint, or completely disassembled which requires plenty of skill to weld together correctly. Chris Alston’s Chassisworks CustomFit chassis are available in one other variety where front and rear crossmembers and suspension systems are welded and ready to assemble. This makes the critical measurements something you don’t have to worry about.

But there is a lot more to this system than just ease of use and peace of mind. This system is about ride height improvements, more room for tires, better clearance for modern transmissions, and a much better driver and passenger experience thanks to more head room and a more comfortable seating position. There are tons of options for packages with several suspension and chassis styles that you can customize to be exactly what you want.

Here’s what the gang at Chassisworks has to say about it, and also video with even more information.


Avoid the hassle of extensive floor repairs on your custom build with Chassisworks new custom-fit frame and prefab floor system; The Complete Chassis Solution for Most Cars and Trucks. Unibody construction techniques are utilized when installing to improve rigidity over the original stock platform. Chassisworks custom-fit frame and simple trim-to-fit floor and tub system welds directly to the vehicle, creating a cohesive structure and saving valuable time and expense normally wasted repairing and mini-tubbing the stock floor. Configure your custom solution today!

  • Pro-Touring Muscle Cars
  • Custom Trucks
  • Street Rods
  • Pro-Street and more…
  • Lower ride height
  • Fits much larger tires
  • More transmission room
  • Increased headroom; sit lower
  • 2 frame styles
  • 4 front suspensions
  • 6 rear suspensions

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5 thoughts on “If You Want Something That Really Fits Your Custom Project, Then Chassisworks CustomFit Is The Chassis Solution For You

  1. MGBChuck

    More good stuff from Chassisworks, my sbc MGB uses a Chassisworks front clip,(for a Vega,sectioned&narrowed) and a custom back half. Had this set/up been available when it was built my MGB would even be better. Yep, a good idea!

  2. Hemrik

    Sure sounds like a Nice thing. However Living in no no land that sort of thing is illegal here. I love my country, but it is the worst place to be a gearhead. You cant change a thing on a classic car anymore. Not even if it makes it more Nature friendly is it alowed. I live in Denmark and you risk a Big fine and tax bills if you as much as put a Nice set of rims on your classic. If you want to drive it it has to be 100 procent original or they will sieze your licensplates and give you fines from 25000 dollars and up. So no matter what enjoy your freedom to build what ever you like. And drive whatever you like. Here hot rods are dead and something you only read about.

  3. Henrik

    Yea. It breaks my heart because i grew up Living and breathing hotrods and cars. But nowadays the nazies are taking charge and every one that is not like them gets hammered. Im seriusly thinking of moving.

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