Barn Find: This 430 Lincoln Powered Ford Gasser Is Cooler Than Everything (Photos and Video)

Barn Find: This 430 Lincoln Powered Ford Gasser Is Cooler Than Everything (Photos and Video)

BangShifter Chris Cabe gets all the credit in the world for this one as he forwarded us the link. This is a 1956 Ford powered by a 430ci Lincoln engine that has fuel injection, 13.5:1 compression, ancient Mickey Thompson aluminum rods, and who knows what other internal racing tricks applied. It has the standard fare for 1960s gassers applied to the suspension, a blue anodized fuel tank in the front of the engine, fiberglass fenders and hood, a swapped in manual transmission, and cool oozing out of every pore. THIS is what the “kids” today should be replicating when looking into “gasser” era cars because what you are seeing here is a lot more typical of what Joe-hot rodder would have built in the late 1950s into the 1960s vibe. There were TONS more non-supercharged gassers than there were blown ones back in the day but since the blown cars get all the love we seem to forget about everyone else.

You may be thinking that the 430 Lincoln motor is a weirdo choice in this thing but it really isn’t. That was a popular engine for hot rodders because it was built like an anvil, it was large displacement, and there were companies in the 1960s with stroker kits on the market that would make that 430ci, 500ci pretty easily with a new long arm crank and some grinding. The parts in this car, even outside the engine are awesome. The nodular iron center section of the Ford rear end with 4.57 gears, the Thunderbird sourced Borg-Warner three speed, and the traction bars that were about identical to what you would find in a Thunderbolt were all fairly advanced moves for the 1960s. Hell, the fuel injection system in itself HAS to be worth a mint.

The whole car is one of those HOLY COW pieces that serves as a true and absolute window into this era of racing. We all know about Stone, Woods and Cook, Big John, KS Pittman, and the others, but the majority of guys were doing what the owner of this Ford did. It is so damned cool to actually see one as it was.



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LINK: Ford gasser barn find is freaking awesome

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12 thoughts on “Barn Find: This 430 Lincoln Powered Ford Gasser Is Cooler Than Everything (Photos and Video)


    I pray this isnt going to be another “dirt is money” car. for the love of all that is holy, restore the damn thing!

  2. John Kuhn

    I am helping on the sale of this car. You will have no disapointments on this car at all. It is still owned by the guy who built. Many very cool parts on it. The price is negotiable on it. I have no idea where you would find a MEL Injected motor.

      1. Aero

        Click on the hyperlink under the Youtube video on this page and you can go directly to the website that has the sale listed with the owner’s phone number. Good job placing your number out there on the internets too btw. Ima call you at 3:00am and breath in your ear!

  3. Jeremy Grist

    This engine configuration should be very similar to what was in the Grist Bros A/G Willys that smashed it’s fair share of records in the early 60’s. The Grist Bros Willys was powered by an injected 430 MEL and was the first unblown A/G in the 10’s.

    This Ford is very tempting, will be looking for the asking price.

  4. jerry z

    A little rust repair, a white Maaco paint job, and some new tires and its on like Donkey Kong!

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