Classic Mini Cooper Race Car Build: Building A New Rear Subframe Mount Plus A Bonus Video!

Classic Mini Cooper Race Car Build: Building A New Rear Subframe Mount Plus A Bonus Video!

Now that the cage and everything inside the Mini is where it is supposed to be, it is time to make sure the rear subframe will also be up to the task of holding on around corners. The factory subframe mounts are not strong enough or stiff enough to do the job under racing conditions, so in this video you are going to see how to improve all the stuff out back to make this Mini into a race car. In addition, we decided to share another video about the Mini which has nothing to do with it becoming a race car. Nope, this one is all about how to change a door skin on one which applies to lots of other cars as well, so check it out too!

Urchfab has built some fun and cool cars for both the street and the track, with our favorite being the Mongrel which is an old British Ford 100 on a Miata body. But that car is really nice and is designed for street and track duty, but not to be torn up in wheel-to-wheel action on the track. So Matt decided that he needed a dedicated race-only car and that a Mini would be something fun to build and race in one of the many series that cater to Mini’s of all kinds. And so the new project begins.

Matt found a cool Mini roller project that already had a Honda engine and trans swap done and some other improvements, but what he really cared about was how rust and damage-free the car was. Because that engine swap would make the Mini have to compete in a much higher dollar class, Matt is going to sell it and get a traditional Mini engine setup in the car instead. Of course, some other fabrication and strengthening of the body shell will be needed, along with a roll cage, suspension, and more. It’s going to be a fun little project to follow along and you guys will dig it. I mean who doesn’t like a Mini?

Here’s the latest video in the series. Check it out and be inspired to build your own really nice fitting roll cage.


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