eBay Action: This Barn Found 1967 Camaro RS Was A Looker In Its Day – What Would You Do With It Now?

eBay Action: This Barn Found 1967 Camaro RS Was A Looker In Its Day – What Would You Do With It Now?

If you squint hard enough you can see just how awesome this 1967 Camaro was back in the days when the paint was fresh, those Cragars shined and those slapper bars were hammering the springs and fighting to keep the rear end planted. Today? Today it looks pretty rough and that is because it has lived in a barn for the better part of what seems to be a couple decades. There’s significant rot in the trunk, the front fenders, the interior looks like a SuperFund cleanup site, and that’s just the stuff that we can see in the photos. All this being said…the thing is awesome.

There’s definitely some distinct directions on how people would treat this car in today’s world. The guys from Ratty Muscle Cars? They’d screw some stop signs over the holes in the trunk (the ones presumably in the floor of the passenger compartment as well), delouse the interior, and plug a motor in to have some fun, leaving the exterior as hammered as possible. Hardcore Camaro guys would take this thing and analyze the VIN tag and restore it back to factory original with the hopes of watching it rise in value. Drag race guys would cut every damed thing out of it and built a chassis under it for radial tires, scuff and spray the outside a single color and romp on a turbo big or small block combo. The pro touring guys? Those guys are smart enough to run the other way from this thing and they should get some credit for that. A guy in his mid-late 40s? He’d buy this sucker and restore that wacky paint job right back to where it was in the early-middle 1970s when it was fresh. There would be a small block with t-handles holding the valve covers down, maybe a velocity stack, and the Cragar wheels would ride again.

There’s not a “right” way to do this stuff but we want to know what your way would be. If you were handed this car and $100,000 to go fully and completely in the direction you wanted…what would you do?

Scroll down through the photos and then hit the link at the bottom for eBay ad –

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eBay Link: This 1967 Camaro was awesome looking in its hey day – what to do now?

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15 thoughts on “eBay Action: This Barn Found 1967 Camaro RS Was A Looker In Its Day – What Would You Do With It Now?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Are you serious?

    What would I do with it?

    Spend many happy hours cutting this example of 70s hideousness into small pieces, sell them for scrap and buy a case of very fine single malt whisky to help celebrate the festering season that’s what!

  2. jerry z

    Unfortunately there is nothing worth saving. The car has rot from bumper to bumper. I wouldn’t take the car even if it was given to me.

  3. Sumgai

    Do I have to spend the $100,000 on the car?

    This thing is crazy rotten. I’d find some way to scrap it. If it was a fastback Mustang, things would be different and it’d be worth a Dynacorn/Ford repro body and sheet metal, but a Camaro? Boring.

  4. Erik

    So cool. Make it run, then take it back to 70’s glory, panel by panel, ideally keeping it functional. Dual Predators anyone???

  5. April Wilson

    find the crazy Camaro chick from California. Currently lives in Colorado {ME) I would take her and make her the sexiest Badass Camaro on earth after I was done putting a LS something in it and a six-speed I would totally find my dad and his 68 fastback Lame Mustang and I would run circles around it grabin gears and blow my hair back !! Camaro rock!! Give me the car n the 100k and I’ll make it Badass!!!

  6. John

    Put some clear coat on new floors in and rebuild what every motor and tranny and up grade the brakes and suspension put all original interior in it refurbish the rims and new tires new exhaust on it nice old school way

  7. Seamus

    I’ve seen Graveyard Carz save worse sheet metal. This is fixable with the right amount of money and skill. I’d do a period correct street machine job to it, and use it for Old Time Drags out here in the Valley!

  8. Tanglefoot

    This thing is totally fixable , it’s rusty but not gone. If someone were to throw this thing at me with $100,000.00 to do whatever I wanted, I would bring it back to its early 70’s street freak glory. Acid trip paint job , sbc with tunnel ram intake (Chrome) , dual Holly’s & velocity stacks poking out of the hood , backed by a 4 speed with a Hurst shifter topped with a T handle . Keep the goofy fender flairs and big & little Craigers and the topping on the cake would be the crushed velvet interior – probably gold or red. It would be like a 70’s time machine where good taste and practicality were nowhere to be found.

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