Love To Hate ‘Em: If You Have To Buy A Mini-Van Here’s Your Five Best Options

Love To Hate ‘Em: If You Have To Buy A Mini-Van Here’s Your Five Best Options

(By Tom Lohnes) – The minivan is a dying segment. Each year, crossovers and SUVs increase their sales lead over the good old fashion minivan. However, there are still 5 on sale, and they’re all pretty good. Which one should you buy? Probably none but if you had to, these are your choices.

Starting off with old faithful, the Toyota Sienna has been serving us since the early 2000s and has offered AWD for the whole time. The new-for-2021 generation has 301 horsepower, AWD, and an 8-speed automatic for your performance driving needs. With seating for up to 8, the Sienna starts at $31,640 for a FWD L model, and can be optioned up to $49,679. A little much if you ask me.

Next up is the ever-popular Honda Odyssey. With a 3.5-liter V6 with the legendary VTEC system, This van has a redline of 7,850 RPM and makes 280 horsepower through a 9-or-10-speed automatic. The Odyssey once again seats up to 8 and starts at $30,790, and can be optioned to above $50,000. At least you get VTEC.

Moving from Japan to Korea, the Kia Sedona has a focus on Luxury. With a rather mundane 3.3-liter V6 and 275 horsepower, the Sedona has a rear recliner seat, tri-zone climate control, and rear heated and cooled seats. The Sedona seats 7 people due to its captain’s chairs, and starts at a rather cheap $27,600. The Sedona at max spec is an affordable $43,500.

Moving Stateside, the Chrysler Pacifica is a very appealing minivan to look at, maybe not so much to drive. With the rather boring PentaStar V6 pumping out 260 horsepower, the Pacifica is by far the most average out of our group. Seating strictly 8 people, the Pacifica starts at $31,450 and is fully loaded at $48,666.

Moving on to our last option, the Mercedes-Benz Metris is probably the weirdest minivan out there. With 181 horsepower, FWD, and 8 seats, the Metris starts at $35,800 and goes up to $55,350 dollars. It’s very rare to see one of these things on the road or even sitting in a Mercedes dealership lot. This must mean people have some standards when it comes to their money, options, and owning a mini-van.

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3 thoughts on “Love To Hate ‘Em: If You Have To Buy A Mini-Van Here’s Your Five Best Options

  1. Brendan

    There’s a ton wrong here. The 2021 Sienna doesn’t make anywhere near 301 HP, that’s the 20XX-2020 V6 Sienna. And it doesn’t use an 8 speed, it’s a CVT.

    The Honda has a 7000 RPM redline, not 8000.

    The Pacifica makes like 280 HP, not 260. The hybrid makes 260 horsepower combined.

    Lastly, the Metris makes over 200 hp.

    This is comically bad.

  2. Bryan Lively

    The line forms behind the Sienna, they are absolutely bomb-proof. I own two of them and they have a half million miles between the two of them. Regular maintenance makes them worry-free rides. My 2006 is the best truck I have ever owned. Yes, I said truck…

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