This Column About The Freaks, Weirdos, and Idiots That Hang Around Danica Patrick Is An Excellent Read

This Column About The Freaks, Weirdos, and Idiots That Hang Around Danica Patrick Is An Excellent Read

This weekend, Danica Patrick will compete in her final Indy 500. While she has legions of haters out there, she also has legions of fans and with legions of fans come groups of weirdos and boy, they seem to be industrial strength this year. Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel observed Patrick and the situation she so often finds herself in at the track and was moved to write a pithy, angry, and altogether awesome column about it. As a guy who spends his life at the races, I have seen plenty of “super fans” in action around their favorite racers but I have never heard of some of the things that Doyel has observed surrounding (literally) Patrick.

When one chooses a profession that puts them in the public eye, it comes with expectations of being available to that public and we’d argue that there are limitations to such things. Fans are the lifeblood of any racing organization and in many ways they are a commodity that the racers need to succeed. By and large they are awesome people who are respectful and cool with meeting their heroes and at least giving them some breathing room. As you will read in this column, there’s a legion of Patrick fans that are capable of doing neither of those things.

Make no mistake, I do not feel “bad” for Danica Patrick or pity her, but I do share Doyel’s opinion that these people are idiots and freaks. What’s your thought?

Link: Look At These Idiots Around Danica Patrick – A Great Read

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9 thoughts on “This Column About The Freaks, Weirdos, and Idiots That Hang Around Danica Patrick Is An Excellent Read

  1. Gary Perkinson

    Just more proof that 95% of the people in this world should have been drowned at birth. I hope she wins this weekend…

  2. Loren

    Take heart guys, she will learn to love you if you read Catcher In The Rye then go shoot somebody famous.

  3. Brian Cooper

    How can you call someone weird when they are fans of a driver that never won a single race within a series regular season. One win in an oddball exhibition race and she has a 10 year career of mediocrity and an legion of blind followers.

    She’s the Kia Stinger of race car drivers. She makes no sense, but everyone loves her.

  4. Steve R

    I’m not particularly a fan of hers, but the author is right. The fans don’t own her, or anyone else in the public eye. While at the track they are there to do business, there is time set aside for them to meet and greet fans. If she, or any other celebrity, stays out of the limelight on their personal time they deserve to be left alone.

    Steve R

  5. aussie351

    Here in Australia, the fanboys used to do the same to racing legend Peter Brock….

    The name Brock is now one of our most common kid’s names

  6. 3nine6

    Anybody bother to check the progress of the #10 car since she left the seat? Pretty high in the standings now that there is a real racer in the car. No problems with a female in the seat, as long as she has talent. Look to the Force girls in NHRA to see what I mean.

  7. Scott Liggett

    As a chauffeur in LA for 20 years, I have driven many celebs. Everyone from Nascar drivers to celebutants who only claim to fame is they are a step above mentally challenged with a show on ET. As such, I have to deal with plenty of fans, but the man this author is describing is no fan. He is wanting Danica’s autograph on all the crap to make money off them.

    I worked dozens of movie and TV premieres, press junkets, and Hollywood parties. Every single one of them had the same group of skanky individuals all wanting autographs on photos so they can turn around and sell them for $5 on Ebay. It is their business. That is their choice, but they only see those celebs as dollar signs.

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