Watch Jeff Gordon and Brad Keslowski Along With A Cast Of Thousands Beat The Tar Out Of Each Other After Last Night’s NASCAR Race

Watch Jeff Gordon and Brad Keslowski Along With A Cast Of Thousands Beat The Tar Out Of Each Other After Last Night’s NASCAR Race

This isn’t some sissy pushing with helmets on situation kids, this is a full on brawl that left both Brad Keslowski and Jeff Gordon swollen and bleeding from getting their faces hammered by fists after last night’s NASCAR race. Keslowski apparently made some banzai move and ended up hitting Gordon which screwed him up big time causing him to lose position and hurt his chances to win the NASCAR title, which we think Keslowski is still in contention for as well. We’re going to be honest, we couldn’t possibly care less about that any of that junk. What we do care about is the fact that this was a complete and utter donnybrook that exploded on pit row after tensions were simmering and Kevin Harvick ran up behind Keslowski and pushed him into a mass of people that started all the fists flying.

The scary part of the deal is how many people were jammed into the confined space and how that mass of people instantly turned into a sea of violence after things boiled over. The high water mark of the NASCAR fighting realm (on camera at least) was back in 1979 at the Daytona 500 when the infamous Cale Yarborough/Donnie Allison three round bout took place. While this one lacks the clear cut beauty of two guys swinging freely at each other, it trumps the ’79 fight because of the sheer size of it. Also, the interview with Keslowski who is all banged up and bleeding combined with the split screen of Gordon in roughly the same shape is magic. Keslowski seems to be pretty shaken by the whole thing while Gordon is shooting daggers with his eyes the whole time.

We bet that there are cases of Maalox being chugged at NASCAR headquarters today after seeing all of this happen. What will they do? We’re expecting some kind of swift justice from the sanctioning body because Keslowski has made a habit of this post race MMA training as of late. You’d have to study this thing like the Zapruder film to figure out exactly who bashed who because there are literally dozens of people in the scrum. Hell, we’re not sure that the damage caused to both drivers was actually inflicted by the other guy. The fists were flying so furiously they could have gotten their faces rearranged by any number of people in the mix.


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19 thoughts on “Watch Jeff Gordon and Brad Keslowski Along With A Cast Of Thousands Beat The Tar Out Of Each Other After Last Night’s NASCAR Race

  1. Andamo

    Starting to get very Rodney Dangerfield like. Go to the fights and a NASCAR race breaks out. Bunch of maroons.

  2. JeffX264

    NASCAR is the WWE of racing. Scripted drama. Its all a show.

    On a more serious note. Does anybody else think Brad K looks like Barney Fife in that video?

    1. JohnnyG

      I agree. Ever since Dale jr ran the #3 wrangler car in the Busch series at Daytona a few years back and dominated the race, I’ve come to the conclusion that every thing NASCAR does is scripted. It’s all a big conspiracy man. (Except when a driver goes rogue and runs people over. Whoops that wasn’t supposed to happen)

  3. joebogey

    I think it was ridiculous, if you watch what happened Jeff went up the track and then turned back down into Brad. Funny thing is Jeff reacted to Brad the same as the old timers did when Jeff first started.

  4. Mr.Bill

    Finally something exciting at a “Nascar race”. The reality of cup racing is about equivalent to WWE.

  5. 3rd Generation

    These clowns have killed the golden cash goose that shit them out of a black feral egg to start with, Billy Bobby boogity boogity… Great role models for futre Americans.

    I see a lot of unemployed former nascar people in the near future. With a little training who knows ? Maybe McDonalds will take them on out of pity or they can become supervisors of the retards at the puzzle factory.

    Boobus Americanus on display. Now gotta get to Wal-Mart for some fried dough, cheese doodles and a giant sugared beverage. Then stop at 31 flavors for a XXL bannana split on the way home in the Hummer.

    Nah, I didn’t vote. I didn’t know there was an election. It’s all rigged. unllike nascar anyway….Make it Super Duper Size.

  6. chevy3100truck

    It’s funny how people get all up in arms about this stuff “it’s ruining NASCAR” blah blah blah, but then in the next breath they make a comment about how great racing was “back in the day”. You know, back in the same day when there were MANY fights at tracks, people getting guns pulled on them by promoters (or racers pulling guns on promoters), damn near riots at tracks, etc. The biggest difference now – people REALLY want everything to be bland “thanks to XYZ, I know we finished last, but they did a really great job today on the XYZ racecar” but then say how they want people to have personality and conflicts (hint – the general public does NOT want people to have personality and say what they think, because everyone gets so freaking offended at the slightest thing – it’s pathetic)

    1. PJ

      I wonder if its the general public or the media that gets up in arms over things? Every time you turn the news on its a story on how someone is insulted because of some thing. I honestly don’t believe people get offended by most of what the media blows out of proportion.

      Although I don’t like Nascar. Similar comments about “back in the day” prevails in F1, WRC, touring car, drag racing etc.. People don’t remember the bad stuff only the good.

      So it seems fitting that romanticising the days gone by it pretty normal.

  7. Daniel Morse

    And what the heck was Kevin Harvick doing involved with it, it looks to me like he is the one who started all the pushing and shoving. bunch of over paid idiots if you ask me.

    1. Scott Liggett

      It did seem he started the melee by shoving Brad, didn’t it?

      Hardly scripted when both drivers are bleeding by the end. I can’t say that Brad was in the wrong with his maneuver. Dale Sr. pulled that stuff nearly every week and he is still everyone’s hero.

      There is old bad blood between these two going back a couple years. This was kind of the last straw.

      Jeff Gordon has been known to pick fights. He has gone after many drivers who have wrecked him in the last part of the race including Harvick and Kenseth.

  8. shooz

    why don’t the other team sneak up behind him an push him in to the scrap Harvick k is got a lota guts Put Brad and Jeff in the ring with out the gang fight

  9. tiresmoke!

    Haven’t laughed that much in a while…bunch of slap-fightin’ sidewalk sissies. Duke it out in the RV lot or the nearest bar…..sadly, it takes this to make me even remotely interested in NASCAR.

  10. cyclone03

    I think the biggest laugh would be if Harvick was the only one fined LOL
    There was some pushing and shoving when Gordon came around the front of the car but Harvick provoked that fight when he shoved BK in the back.

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