This 1951 Federal House Truck Is The Most BangShift Approved Home On Wheels We’ve Ever Seen

This 1951 Federal House Truck Is The Most BangShift Approved Home On Wheels We’ve Ever Seen

Federal house truck? First off, we don’t mean liked Federal Government because if they built it, the tires would be flat, the roof would be caved in, and…Ok, I’m stopping there. The Federal in this case means Federal Motor Truck, a company that was in business from 1910-1959 and built 160,000 heavy trucks that were used in all sorts of different capacities like flatbeds, big rigs, and other forms of heavy hauling. To our knowledge this is the only one that has been converted into a “house truck” or as we now called them, “RVs”. The stately cab was restored and the house was built on the frame between 2003 and 2008 according to the ad we found for the rig online. Located in Washington State, this thing needs to go to a BangShifter in the Pacific Northwest. The best part is that you will have the old school looks and none of the old school problems.

Nope, you aren’t going to be pulling hills in second gear at 20mph with an engine wearing an updraft carb because when this rig was completed a Caterpillar engine was swapped in place of what was undoubtedly a large displacement and not too powerful gas engine. The Cat is a 3126B that was pulled from a 2000 era Freightliner. The mill is not major slayer in the fact that it makes 250hp but the torque and the Allison transmission it is backed with make all the difference in the world for comfort and reliability. According to the ad the engine had about 100,000 when it was swapped so the sucker was barely broken in. One thing that is kind of cool is that the builders made every effort to preserve the stock looks of the truck, even going with the 20″ wheels which limit tire selection but look flipping awesome.

The custom built house on the back has a nice sleeping area, kitchen, dining area, and it is even equipped with slide outs that expand the area when you are parked and relaxing for the length of your stay. This thing has a cedar roof, handmade stained glass windows, skylights, storage bays, etc. It was literally built like a house. Inside the “home” you have a queen bed, an additional sleeping area for a third person, a flipping wood stove to keep warm, seating at the dinner table for eight and all the functionality of a modern RV with the looks of a classic truck. Chad is going to pee himself when he sees this thing.

Honestly, the whole rig looks like something you could have gotten plans for out of a Popular Mechanics or something back in the day and that is a compliment of the highest order. This truck was built be a craftsman or multiple craftsmen and it stands as one of the more unique and cool RVs we have ever laid eyes on. Lots more info and photos on the ad.


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5 thoughts on “This 1951 Federal House Truck Is The Most BangShift Approved Home On Wheels We’ve Ever Seen

  1. TheSilverBuick

    Awesome indeed! Right on with the powertrain upgrade to make it truely livable.

    Anyone else find it funny there is a wood stove in an RV constructed mostly of wood?

  2. Andre V.

    wickedly awesome motorhome. Of course, it’ll be near impossible to find this model around.. excellent piece of work. i wonder what’d happen if they gave their skills to modifying and converting a Toyota Coaster Bus

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