This 1966 Chevy Step Van Was Converted Into A Big Block, Four Wheel Drive, RV With 38 Forward Gears – You Can Own It!

This 1966 Chevy Step Van Was Converted Into A Big Block, Four Wheel Drive, RV With 38 Forward Gears – You Can Own It!

We’ve got to thank John Ulaszek from II Much Fabrication for the tip on this amazing beast of an RV that has shown up for sale on Craigslist. The unit was homebuilt by the seller’s dad decades ago and served the family well on many family vacations and trips. If you are wondering what the hell it is you are looking at, allow us to clarify. The body started life as a one-ton P-30 delivery truck and quickly morphed from there. The engine is a 454 that’s been woken up with an Isky cam and the transmission(s) are a Clark 5-speed with a Brownie box AND a four speed Spicer transmission as well. This is how the truck has 38 forward gears because when you look at the combos of where all three shifters could be at any given time, that’s where you end up. The axles are 2.5-ton Rockwell top loaders and the tires are old school military non-directional pieces that give the thing a really awesome look.

There are racks, platforms, and holders for virtually anything you could think of hanging off this beast and all of that stuff certainal adds to the largeness of the machine. Without that stuff the rig would just look like an overgrown step van, with it the appearance is more of something you’d be using as a shooting platform to stop a zombie invasion before you got bored and decided to just run all of their asses over.

While the interior (from what we can see of it) appears kind of shabby, it is nothing that can’t be fixed and spruced up. The asking price of $5,000 is pretty reasonable to us because when you start looking at what the axles and mechanical components cost, you quickly realize that you have gone way past $5,000 in a hurry. It wold need some work to be put back into traveling shape, but it sure would be a fun project, that is for sure.

What do you think? Worth the $5,000? Not worth $50? Look at the photos below and then scroll down to see the CL ad link and leave us a comment below. We’re in the mindset that it is worth even more than the asking price.


camper1 camper2 camper3 camper4


CLICK HERE for the full story behind this simply awesome home built RV that is part army truck, part hot rod, and all awesome

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8 thoughts on “This 1966 Chevy Step Van Was Converted Into A Big Block, Four Wheel Drive, RV With 38 Forward Gears – You Can Own It!

  1. Tom Slater

    I’d go at least 7500.
    What else can you buy / build that will do the same thing?
    I’m sure it’s expensive to travel in / with this thing, being a cammed big block, but if you aren’t paying for a motel…
    ‘Course, I just put a tent in the back of my Jeep but it only has 4 forward gears.

  2. Gregg68

    I dunno… Lots of purchase points for the zombies to grab onto. Is the body electrified in order to repel (or incinerate) them?

  3. Cyclone03

    Lets say I buy this,my wife delays the divorce log enough for me to make it sleepable.
    How much can I sell the extra transmissions and Rockwells for? Convert it to two wheel drive and have a Resto RV al la Rutledge Woods on the lastest RoadKill.
    I would also remove the party deck and shotting stands from the ends.

    The body style is kinda cool.

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