Are You Feeling It: Ford’s Grand Small Truck Experiment Is Officially Underway With The Maverick

Are You Feeling It: Ford’s Grand Small Truck Experiment Is Officially Underway With The Maverick

(By Tom Lohnes) – The return of the compact truck is upon us, and it seems to be a very interesting class of vehicle. The Ford Maverick is an extremely early entrant, and it packs a punch.

Personal opinions aside, the Maverick looks like a great truck. Besides the Honda Ridgeline-esque styling, Ford has really killed it with this thing. The base powertrain is an unexpected one: A Hybrid. Utilizing a 2.5-liter Inline-4 and an electric motor, this truck can accomplish 40 mpg in the city, and figures improve from there. The hybrid is linked to a CVT that can drive either the front or all 4 wheels. Upgrade to the optional Ecoboost 4-cylinder, and you get more grunt and an available 4,000-pound towing stat. Payload is around 1,600 pounds, or 5 people and a Yeti cooler.

Inside, the Maverick sort of let me down. Compared to the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s space-age interior with screens all over, the Ford keeps it simple. The less expensive XL and XLT trims I don’t mind, but stepping up to the top-trim Lariat should upgrade the interior past the seats and gauge cluster. The bed is quite small, 4 ½ feet in length, but can be stretched to 6 whole feet with the bed open, which is an alright amount of space for any truck.

Pricing here ranges from impressive to ridiculous. Starting at $19,995, the Maverick XL is an affordable but no-frills truck. The absolute top-spec 2.0T AWD Lariat with every package and option piled on, and you’re looking at a $42,000 truck. Overall, the Maverick is an interesting thing, and I’m excited to see how it does on the market.

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16 thoughts on “Are You Feeling It: Ford’s Grand Small Truck Experiment Is Officially Underway With The Maverick

  1. Robert

    Its about time somebody built a compact truck that is more in line with the older Ranger and Chevy S10 size. Not everyone wants or needs the huge 1/2 tons built these days. Odd name choice though.

    1. Brian Cooper

      I agree with Robert. I’ve been screaming for years to bring back trucks that were the size of the old S-10 and Ranger and could be bought BASIC and CHEAP. Let’s see if Ford prices these cheap enough to be viable.

    2. BigDogSS

      I agree with Robert. I feel there is a market for mini-trucks, for both work and pleasure. Colorado/Ranger Tacoma have gotten too large and expensive.
      I like the Maverick, hybrid and all. Maybe and SuperCab version with a longer bed for contractors and gardeners. Yes, a better name would be Ranchero.

  2. Jim

    Well, you’re wrong on a couple points. Hybrid is fwd only, not awd. And top price is supposed to be around 36k, not 42k. That’s Lariat with everything, 2.0T and awd, 4000lb towing package.

  3. Nate

    If VW releases their version of it (tarok) I will be first in line. This looks like a perfect parts hauler

  4. Glenn

    Priced out an XLT 2.0 8 speed with tow pack, sliding window, full size spare-$25900. Not bad, but wish they offered a Supercab with a longer bed.

  5. Jeff

    A lot of people ( myself as included) would like a no frills, reasonable priced small “TRUCK” with a bed that’s useful, like longer than 6′. I could give a rats ass about touch screens and fancy interiors. 90% of the “trucks” on the road these days are nothing more than 4 door cars with a tiny excuse for a bed on them. But I guess how much “truck” do you need to get a cappucino, a 12 pack of your favorite craft beer, and a bag of pellets for your Traeger.

  6. Brash

    Being from Australia, I lament the loss of our ‘car based’ load luggers. I have neither the space nor the need for a full sized truck. If we get the Maverick it’d be worth the look

  7. Labweiler

    Would have to get the EcoBoost option with 8-speed trans. No CVT for me.
    Wife saw an ad for the Maverick and said; “Ooh that’s cute”. Dangit.


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