Shut Up And Take Our Money: This 1974 Datsun 620 Pickup Truck Is A Lil’ Green Dream On Slot Mags!

Shut Up And Take Our Money: This 1974 Datsun 620 Pickup Truck Is A Lil’ Green Dream On Slot Mags!

As the popularity of 1970s Japanese cars and trucks continue to skyrocket, we’re always surprised when we’re able to run into a machine like this 1974 Datsun 620 pickup truck. Why? Well these things were like stealth vehicles for a long time. You never saw them, heard people talking about them, witnessed them at shows, etc. Now? Now they jump off the page and capture our hearts and make our wallets sweat. The particular truck is so freaking cool we can hardly stand it. Oh, and before you ask, all the Datsun 620 trucks were known and sold as the Li’l Hustler models. That’s why this one has a tape strip with those words on it.

With a payload capacity of about 1,400lbs, a four speed stick, and a 1.6L inline four, these small trucks must have seemed so bizarre to people in the 1970s when the idea of a “small” pickup was just the half-ton offering from Ford, GM, or Dodge. As it would turn out, there was a market that never knew they needed these little trucks and when they saw them they were snatched up and used to death.

The touches on this truck make it so great. From the amber tinted fog lights to the factory Kelly Green paint and the polished slot mags, we’re just in love with every inch of the truck. The 620 model was made from 1972-1979 and made in strong volume. There just aren’t a lot of them kicking around anymore. This could be the nicest one in the country.

Does the front end remind anyone else of a classic 1970s Toyota Celica or is that just us?

eBay: 1974 Datun 620 pickup is the nicest one we have ever seen and the slot mags rule!

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4 thoughts on “Shut Up And Take Our Money: This 1974 Datsun 620 Pickup Truck Is A Lil’ Green Dream On Slot Mags!

  1. BigDogSS

    Not bizarre at all! These things were mainstream and a lot young people had them as first cars. I achieved my first second-gear chirp in one of these trucks, lol.
    I think it is a shame that no manufacturer offers a cheap and basic mini-truck in the US in this size. The closest one is a Frontier.

  2. Mark Watkins

    If a miracle occurs and a major automaker hired a product planner with more awareness than a dragonfly, the first product they should develop would be a dead nuts clone of the mid 70’s minitruck. All had timeless styling, minimal foof and were super simple and reliable. A solid, small truck with minimal nods to the tatoo’d and hidden lift boots crowd would sell bazillions.

  3. Mark Watkins

    The first manufacturer to stumble on the idea to bring these simple reliable trucks back will sell them by the millions.

  4. Nitromike66

    My first car was a ’76 Datsun 620, I was into dirt bikes in high school and needed something that I could haul my bike in. I also ended up auto crossing it a few times, it was slow, but still a good time. Good little trucks.

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