Watch A Massive 16-Cylinder Waukesha Engine Get Its Top End Overhauled In Time Lapse!

Watch A Massive 16-Cylinder Waukesha Engine Get Its Top End Overhauled In Time Lapse!

Internal combustion engines are having it rough right now. They are being attacked on all sides by people who want the world to be dominated by electric shavers on wheels. We get it, we understand, but we also grimace when we hear these machines get trashed by people who do not know anything about them. The refined, modular, and evolutionary nature of the internal combustion engine is something that humans have been working on for more than 100 years. From the tiny engines in model airplanes to monsters like you will see below, there’s an engine for every job and a job for every engine.

This is a 16-cylinder Waukesha APG 1000 natural gas engine that is clearly in some sort of industrial environment. The thing weighs 30,000lbs dry and it is designed to make 1,495hp for years, and years, and years on end without sweating, grunting, or going down. Like all engines there are wear parts and there’s a maintenance schedule that needs to be kept up and that is what we are going to see here. Basically we’re going to get a look at a top end overhaul in time laps being completed by two mechanics. These guys clearly are not new to the job and they get things done in an organized and clean manner.

Using a 5.95″ bore and a 6.5″ stroke, the engines displaces 3,000 cubic engines (50 liters give or take), the engine has a 10:1 compression ratio. The most awesome stat is the fact that the oiling system has a volume capacity of 113 gallons!

This is a fun video and a neat look at a big ol’ engine we never knew existed!

Press play below to see two mechanics hustle on a time lapse top end overhaul –

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