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BangShift Question of the Day: Have You Ever Had a Car Stolen?

BangShift Question of the Day: Have You Ever Had a Car Stolen?

After Facebooking and Tweeting about Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky and his misfortune at having his VW Beetle stolen in LA, it made me lock the doors on all my junk at night. Sure it ain’t all that pretty, but I like it and it is mine.  There’s nothing that ranks lower on the BangShift scum scale than a car thief. Anyone willing to brazenly bring that type of trauma and stress onto another human being sucks pretty damn bad in my book.

A friend of mine had his Mustang stolen and the idiot that scarfed it ran the car headlong into a used car dealership at a very high rate of speed, reducing the car to worthless scrap. Unfortunately, he lived. I’m lucky in the fact that outside of a bicycle and some tools, I have never had anything of gearhead substance stolen from me. I’m not sure if there is anyone out there dumb enough to steal an old tow truck that couldn’t outrun a school bus and what may be one of the most written about and recognizable Chevy Caprices on this planet, but if there is, I’ll be waiting.

Bangshift question of the day: Have you ever had a car stolen from you? (If so, did you get it back?)

(Here’s Jason’s Beetle. If you live in LA keep your eyes peeled. This photo surfaced after it was stolen and seems to indicate it was left in this spot. Know where this spot is? EMAIL ME – [email protected] AND I WILL GET THE INFO TO JASON POST HASTE!)

(update – the car has been spotted in east LA — the address of the house has actually be found! — read here – http://jalopnik.com/my-beetle-has-been-spotted-now-help-me-figure-out-wher-471089311)


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11 thoughts on “BangShift Question of the Day: Have You Ever Had a Car Stolen?

  1. Johnny G.

    Nothing of mine stolen thank god but a friend of my father had a gold ’70 big block vette stolen, never to be seen again…what a shame

  2. Sid

    My 96 impala ss with only 21k miles. Police found it 6 months later as a shell. My friend out bid some foreign guys at the insurance auction and used what was left for a parts car, just so the other guys couldn’t get it. Hmm

  3. bkb

    My Dads car was was stolen on 2001 sept 11 from my driveway. Bad day all around. Found it two weeks later in a parking lot. Thieves had carefully removed the battery and distributor with real tools!. The rest of the car was super clean. A month later I was a witness at the theif’s trial. Bad guy. Stealing the car was the least of his crimes.

  4. 200kss

    My 88 Monte SS was stolen from a hotel lot while attending a Super Chevy event in Memphis, 1998. The local police were less than enthusiastic about making a report and informed me Memphis was #3 in the nation for auto theft.

    The car was taken on a Friday night, stripped and found abandoned on a Monday. Again the awesome police force waited 2 weeks to inform me it had been found.

    5 years later the car was restored, and I still own it.

  5. Wink Dinkler

    Had a 94 3.4 Olds Cutlass stolen during Christmas time. Peeled the steering column while we were in the store and tore out the back seat. Nothing in the trunk. There was no gas in it so they drove it around to the back of the store. Police and I Found it full of snow with the doors open and the windows were all broken. I got it started and drove it home with no windows and it was snowing like an inch an hour! The Police had taken 6 hours to get to the store to take the report because they were so busy. I had someone come and get my wife. I had taken it because it was a second car and didn’t want to take the good ride out in the snow. The Olds was a great car in really good condition with low miles with the 3.4 I had just put the timing belt tensioner and pulleys on.
    Oh Yea they found the guys who took the car because of the vdeo at the store and they came back and did it again. They followed the snow prints.

  6. Michael

    Yup, Had my Ford Ranger stolen out of my drive way. Mine was the third stolen that night in our little town. It was quite bizarre, & to make a long story short all but mine got trashed; broken windows, mirrors, ect ect. I guess I can say I got “lucky”.. Everything I had in the truck was still there including $200, and a whole bunch of snap on tools. ONLY thing the crooks took was my change out of my cup holder. Only thing came to mind that day when I got it back was ” How high do you have to be to only steal my change?!?!?

  7. crazy canuck

    Wifes shadow got stolen the dipshits peeled back the top of th door to get in, all they took was ashtray change. 300 deductible to get it fixed, amonth later stolen again they ditched it never ran right again . another 300 to fix the door again . I think its probably easier to shoot the buggers than deal with our stupid ICBC Govt insurance co.

  8. Mister X

    Circa 1970, my ’65 Corvair Monza coupe was stolen early one morning (hot wired), and while my buddy and I were riding around looking for it, two-up on my Hodaka Ace 100, we pulled into a seedy apt complex and there was my car coming right at us!

    The driver knew us from our high school and swerved to hit us, so we dove off the bike between parked cars, and the guy swerved at the last second, but nailed a cab over camper, crunching the rear.

    He then went around a blind corner and crashed into the concrete stairs to the second story, two guys jumped out and ran up the stairs and into an Apt., and we called the police but wouldn’t do a thing but knock on the door and ask if that was their car downstairs (@$%#$ Idiots!, the lot of ’em).

    1. Mister X

      And the Hodaka Ace 100 was stolen outside a Midnight movie a few months later, despite being chained to a light pole.

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