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Bangshift Question of the Day: What is the Coolest Factory Hood Scoop Setup?

Bangshift Question of the Day: What is the Coolest Factory Hood Scoop Setup?

There’s no quicker way to make a car look racy (even if it isn’t) than to add a functional hood scoop (or scoops). They’ve been on factory cars for decades, and large trucks for just as long. In fact, the scoop that Pontiac had on their 1963 Super Duty models was sourced from Ford, who used them on heavy duty trucks. They have come in all shapes and sizes from the snorkels on the Pontiac above to the “trap door” style Air Grabber unit found on Mopars for years.

Cowl induction hoods were used on Chevy models for years, Buicks had functional scoops, Pontiac had their famous Ram Air setup which was hooked to a bad ass engine series of the same name, Ford’s subtle but cool Cobra Jet scoop adorned many hoods, and there were “shaker” style scoops offered by several companies.

A few years ago Chad and I saw a cool early 1970s Formula Firebird in Florida when we were there for the PRO Winter Warm up and loved it. Then we saw a gross street rod with an unspeakably bad scoop and barfed a little. This is an easy, but subjective question.

What is the coolest factory hood scoop setup ever offered?

Air Grabber hood scoop

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25 thoughts on “Bangshift Question of the Day: What is the Coolest Factory Hood Scoop Setup?

  1. Joe Jolly

    There are way to many cool scoops but I do have a desire to own a 69 or 70 shaker and the Cobra Jet attached to it..(A Boss would do too)

  2. B.flach

    Challenger t/a boundary layer & aar cuda. Close second -’68 Hemi superstockers – dart & barracuda.

  3. 69rrboy

    Challenger T/A.

    Never understood why somebody would want to induct a cow into their engine compartment? Oh wait, you said cowl. Never mind.

  4. big john

    always loved the mustang shaker one of the coolest but the only factory one that worked was the amc scambler box on ahhod

  5. ratpatrol66

    Anything with a shaker!!! Been in Mach 1s, Trans Ams, and Mopars with shakers, so cool to see the them bouncing around and slamming to the right when the throttle is nailed!!!

  6. TM Hensley

    Boss 429, 68 Shelby, 65 Comet Cyclone,…… every one\’s got a shaker, they\’re cool but just so common..

  7. Joe Copenhaver

    So many to choose. All are very cool. BUT, the 69/70 Shelby with 5 scoops stands tall. 1 Ram Air in the center and 2 front to let air in and 2 rear to let hot air out. Heard many stories about new(er) cars driven year round. The heat from the 2 rear scoops would defrost the windshield before the heater warmed up. . . .

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