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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is The Best Factory Green Color?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is The Best Factory Green Color?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, BangShifters! Enjoy soda bread and Kerrygold butter, the beverage of your choosing (and be responsible about it) and enjoy the day pretending you are Irish at heart. Don’t look at me, though…McTaggart is a Scottish name, and the first person who attempts to pinch me will find out that I fight like an Irishman. Think that I’m a bit of a holiday grouch on that one? Here’s a bit of Gaelic that I know very well: “Póg mo thóin“. Enjoy hunting for your four-leaf clover and understand that the dwarf you see on the street does not have your Lucky Charms nor your pot of gold.

Have I covered the St. Patty’s day stereotypes yet? Ok, there is one that I will be happy to touch on for a second: the color green. It’s my personal favorite color and in an automotive landscape of gray, silver and dull reds and blues, green stands out wonderfully regardless of which shade you choose. And yes, that goes for some of the more questionable color options from the 1970s…at least they were actual colors and not tones of “shadow”. Not many brands openly embrace a shade of green that isn’t close to black. FCA does with the Charger/Challenger duo and occasionally, the rare special-edition Ram and Ford recently announced that in addition to the currently available “Need for Green” that a new color, “Grabber Lime”, will be available for 2020, along with “Twisted Orange”, “Iconic Silver” and “Red Hot Metallic”. Colors…Finally!

Given that today’s all about the green, we want to know what your favorite shade is. If I have to make a call, it’s a very close toss-up between Chevrolet’s Fathom Green and the winner, the 1990s shade of Emerald that Chrysler was using before the DCX merger. I prefer dark but brilliant shades. Maybe something like Big Bad Green, AMC’s calling card, or the classic High Impact tone of SubLime/Sassy Grass is more your flavor. Or is the only green car to make your list the Highland Green Mustang that Steve McQueen wheeled around San Francisco? Let us know below!

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12 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is The Best Factory Green Color?

  1. BeaverMartin

    Green is my favorite color so I have tons I love. GM Med Green Metallic on a 96 Impala, Jeep Rescue Green Metallic, AMC Golden Lime with shadow mask, I’m digging FCA’s F8 green.

  2. OKSnake08

    None of ‘em green is bad luck on race cars or for any car I have owned. 3 different cars that all ended badly 98 MKVII , 95 Cougar and the one that started it all 72 Torino Brougham Q code 351C with a motor I put everything into and then would randomly break the ditinutor gear roll pin Nothing fixed it tried oil pump , distributor etc no dice . Sold it at a loss to a guy who put the motor in his Mustang after replacing the roll pin and ran 12 s for years without any issues. Fckn green cars ……really want a Bullit but if it’s not highland green it’s not really a Bullit is it? Sigh good luck to you green lovers, you can have them all

  3. Brendan M

    BMT, you forgot us bike guys…. Kawasaki green.

    Or if you’re a Triumph fan…. British Racing Green

  4. Tim

    Without a doubt, Hyland Green on the Bullitt. I also liked the Lincoln color, Green Moon Dust Metallic. I painted my 64 Comet Caliente 2 door that color; Beautiful!

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