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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Was Your Last Impulse Purchase For The Hobby?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Was Your Last Impulse Purchase For The Hobby?

Shortly after I woke up yesterday, I was texting with Luke from Thunderhead 289 over his latest acquisition, a big-bumper Ford Maverick four-door that someone went straight to the low-buck nuclear option with: 302, four-speed, Keystones and flat black paint. I almost pulled a knee-jerk decision to offer up the Rough Start Fox in a no questions asked trade…I keep the new shiny stuff, he can have the rest of the engine and the car. Why? Because that Maverick screams to a vehicle from my past, a 1973 Mercury Comet that had the same rough but ready appeal that this four-door has. And don’t be that guy or gal that says that four-doors can’t be cool or that Mavericks can’t be cool. “Tijuana Taxi”…Google-fu that one. Yes, they can be, though I’m all about this car’s aesthetic. Honestly, I don’t blame him for just buying it. If I was in his position I would have too.

And that made me think about the urge in which I buy things. I don’t, normally. I’ve gone through cars, but most of my purchases were calculated decisions that had some kind of merit or reason. In fact, there was only one vehicle that qualified as an “impulse purchase”: one 1984 Dodge Ramcharger. I had been eying this thing for months, sitting on a used car lot near my apartment, and once I finally asked about the truck and got the details, I couldn’t cough up the $2,200 fast enough. I’m not kidding in the least: I left that morning to go grocery shopping and I returned in maybe twenty minutes to ask my roommate to drive me back so I could get my new truck. This person was used to years of my automotive addiction and was still floored beyond belief that I had done this. My only regret? Having to sell this beauty just a few months later to fund my move to Arizona.

It’s not everyday that you blow money at random, and it doesn’t have to be a whole car. Maybe you “accidentally” hit the Buy It Now button on some parts. Maybe you bought your birthday present early and are now expecting a set of aluminum heads to show up any minute now. Maybe you have something being flown over from Australia that you paid good money for, just because. What was the last time you simply shrugged, said, “Ah, hell with it,” and made the executive decision?

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5 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Was Your Last Impulse Purchase For The Hobby?

  1. Scott Liggett

    My 1970 Caprice that I found sitting at the junkyard. With factory rallys, 454, full of granny options and a stupid low price. Did I mention the 454? The junkyard gave me hood hinges, shifter linkage and a battery. Paid $2000 and drove it home in LA traffic with squishy master cylinder.

  2. OKSnake08

    Why the hell didn’t I find this car ? She’s be getting the brakes checked , some used bucket seats and getting ready for DD duty !!

  3. KCR

    Being I am a Mopar guy. And being I really like the Dodge trucks of the 60’s . 0 years ago I bought a 2 ton Dodge complete running FIRE TRUCK.Ya baby. When have you last seen a 66 Dodge D-500 Fire truck,with a big block and a 2 speed rear axle.Gona make a slant back car hauler out of it.

  4. Weasel1

    We bought the house we are in mostly because it has a 32×48 pole barn with 12 foot walls and full concrete floor attached to the house. The day after closing , I went to a estate sale and bought an A-frame gantry crane complete, for 500.00.. it sat outside for another 28 days before we could move in. I use it at least once a week minimum. Best deal ever!

  5. Tim

    Found a 76 Datsun B210 on Facebook. Bought from the original owner. 250,000 miles give our take. Don’t know why I needed it, but now it carts me all over town until some day when I drop the clutch and leave it scattered all over the street.


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