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Your Excuse To Go Home And Drink: LS Fest West Has Been Cancelled

Your Excuse To Go Home And Drink: LS Fest West Has Been Cancelled

Yeah, we know that events are finally starting to happen, places are finally starting to open up, and that it appears that a corner might have been turned in the royal cluster-…well, you know what 2020 has been about so far. We’ve been hoping with our hearts that we had reached the end of cancellations, of bad news regarding racing and that maybe, sooner than later, we’d have some big fun to showcase, to share with you, and frankly to attend ourselves because the house has managed to somehow shrink over the last several weeks. Well…we don’t want to lie to you, so here’s the blunt-force news: the 2020 Holley LS Fest West event in Las Vegas, Nevada has been cancelled.

Per Holley:

“Unfortunately, Holley’s LS Fest West event most recently scheduled for June 12-14th, 2020 in Las Vegas has been canceled. The state of Nevada is taking a phased approach to reopening, and at this time, there is still no indication as to when large crowds will be permitted to gather. Pre-registered participants and spectators that pre-purchased tickets will be fully refunded as soon as possible.

We’re grateful for our loyal Holley LS Fest fans that didn’t give up on the event. We know they were really looking forward to the event and so were we. We pour our heart into this event and love seeing everyone enjoy it as much as we do. Rest assured, we will be back in 2021 delivering more fun than ever!

Even though the event is not going on, pre-registered participants will be receiving an LS Fest West care package, courtesy of Holley, containing an event T-shirt, event poster, and a collectible pin. This 2020 LS Fest West shirt will also be available at www.holley.com in recognition of “The Most Awesome Event That Never Happened”. Holley will also randomly select ten lucky LS Fest West pre-registrants to receive a free entry into this fall’s LS Fest East event, along with some travel money to help get them there! Stay tuned to LS Fest’s social media over the June 12-14 weekend, as we virtually celebrate the awesome LS engine with content from previous event years, LS Fest West related giveaways, product giveaways, and more!”

Yeah, it blows. But we know the folks at Holley and we know what kind of wild things you freaks out West will get going next year. Or, hey…pack a trailer and come hang out at LS Fest East in Bowling Green! The more of you that show up, the better my diet plan of walking everywhere to photograph every car works!

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One thought on “Your Excuse To Go Home And Drink: LS Fest West Has Been Cancelled

  1. jerry z

    That’s just copping out. So instead of postponing to later date, they just abandoned the the event. But you can go to Wal-Mart which is ALWAYS crowded but Holley LSfest will kill everybody. Sorry just getting sick of the BS.


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