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What Old Car Would You Most Like To Outfit With All Of Today’s Technology?

What Old Car Would You Most Like To Outfit With All Of Today’s Technology?

We featured a Hoonigan video today of a 1971 Trans Am that has a roots blown LS under the hood connected to a Nissan GTR front and rear suspension. It’s the best of GM and the best of Nissan, in a package that looks awesome and undoubtedly hauls ass at a level no 2nd Gen F-Body has before. But a GTR drivetrain is not the only kick ass all-wheel drive platform, and all-wheel drive isn’t the only cool technology to be had from today’s high performance machines. So what other high-tech bad assery could you imagine stuffing into some classic muscle car? Or maybe not a muscle car. Maybe just something old?

Imagine a Gremlin with all the amazing technology currently found in a new Camaro? Or a Pinto with EVERYTHING from a new 5.0 Mustang GT? How about taking an Aspen and making it have everything a new Hellcat has on board?

I can imagine there are plenty of muscle cars and odd-balls that could be cool with all the modern stuff. We’d definitely remove all the nanny controls of course, but otherwise we’d leave all the cool stuff. How about some cool old import like a 510 or Celica? Man I could think of a jillion cool combos.

What about you?

What cool old car would you morph with something modern to make the ultimate ride?

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7 thoughts on “What Old Car Would You Most Like To Outfit With All Of Today’s Technology?

  1. Gary

    That Volare/Aspen in the lead photo is amazing! How come I’ve never seen it before? Also, the absolute best looking Celica Toyota ever built.

  2. Joe Jolly

    I like the Aspen too! Every time I think of a possible older vehicle purchase, I automatically think it will need an aluminum headed, small block stroker with air, a suspension upgrade including air bags, rack and pinion steering and wider tires on all four corners. With that being said, I will soon put together an early station wagon of some sort . Anyone have a 70-71 Torino station wagon collecting dust?

  3. RockJustRock

    You’re talking about just the sheet metal skin. Other than weight, aero and state regulations it just doesn’t matter, does it? Nothing left of the original car anyway. You’re not really building THAT CAR, just something that looks like one. I’d rather retain as much of the original and ENHANCE it with modern TOUCHES.

  4. Bill Greenwood

    A 69 Charger RT/SE with a GenIII 426 in. Hemi. I’d roll it on 15″ Magnums, with 4 wheel discs, mount the A/C compressor down low, and use an intake/throttle body that allows it to use the round, chrome 426 Hemi Head air cleaner. Black retro style valve covers. I’d want it so that it takes a few seconds for even a Mopar purist realizes it’s not a GenII Hemi when you pop the hood. Inside, I’d go with a dark tan leather, and real wood on the dash and door inserts. Extend the console to the back seat, similar to the 66-67 Charger, and add head rests to the rear seats similar to the stock 69 pedestal style that the fronts would retain. As much as I like a stick, an O/D auto would do fine for a true 4-seat GT. Make sure the body’s good and stiff, and a good sound deadener.
    Just gotta win that lottery, I guess.

  5. Beau Darville

    1. 66 Jeep Wagoneer. Trackhawk drivetrain, keep stock style dash but wrapped in leather, alcantara, modern seats, custom console, high end audio, tune by the head unit exhaust. keep it to where it can tow 7500lbs like the trackhawk

    2. 61 Impala, 2 door HT, with Rolls Royce Wraith interior and goodies, AMG G63 power up front

    3. Basically a 67 Chevy II skin over Porsche GT3RS everything.

    Money can make it all happen. Anybody with some of it want to adopt a long lost nephew or something?

  6. Patrick

    Like the Trackhawk idea.

    how about a mid engine corsair done right, maybe a Subbie 4x drivetrain swapped front to back, `or a Porsche 4x turbo platform under it.

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