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Money No Object: This 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Just Oozes Class!

Money No Object: This 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Just Oozes Class!

I am an absolute sucker for the first generation of the GM E-body platform. Ideally, I prefer a 1967 Buick Riviera (only RWD E-body, first year for the 430ci V8 and disc brakes up front) but I wouldn’t kick the Olds Toronado or the Cadillac Eldorado out of the garage, either. Both cars ran GM’s Unified Powerplant Package, the combination of each manufacturer’s engine of choice bolted to the THM425 automatic transaxle. All three cars have a gorgeous shape that isn’t cookie-cutter…each has plenty of their own brand’s visual cues. And each, in the right light and with the right care, are absolute jaw-droppers. Bill Mitchell’s design was gorgeous in any form and all three shapes stand as high-water marks of General Motors’ capability.

Now, to this 1967 Toronado specifically. This one has lost it’s 425ci mill in favor of a 455ci unitthat has been tweaked mildly with electronic ignition, new exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler, and rebuilt axles. The maroon outside looks show-worthy from our personal point of view and the interior looks like the best place on Earth to kill miles…the maroon-and-black combination all looks clean and serviceable and the unique gauge setup and steering wheel are all there and just fine.

Not everything made in the later 1960s was meant to be a street screamer. The Toronado surely wasn’t. The big Olds was supposed to be a personal luxury car, a unit of innovation and forward thinking, a comfortable and stylish way to be seen rolling down the street. In today’s scene, you might as well be driving a UFO around randomly abducting cows rolling this car down the road. We say let ’em stare. We’d be tucked up inside, the air conditioning on light, riding that wave of torque to wherever we damn well felt like going.

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5 thoughts on “Money No Object: This 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Just Oozes Class!

  1. KCR

    For those little leaguers out there .This was a front wheel drive vehicle. When he says “trans axle” Its not like todays Vettes. And the drive train in these units could hold anything the engine had to throw at it. Therse cars were great cruisers .Road great,looked great and had plenty of power.

  2. Weasel1

    We cut one of these in half, married it to a bumper pull camper and had a motor home. Drove it for years before selling it. Wish I could find one pics of it

  3. RK - no relation

    Thirty years ago I bought a 1979 one of these. It was only a 350, but still better than the smaller engines that came after. The car was super comfy inside with its velour couches, rock steady on the highway and NEVER got stuck in the snow or anywhere. The half shafts and CV joints were better than anything built today, including probably that new FWD french Ram van.

    Does anybody build anything even close to this anymore? That’s integrity!

  4. Bob J

    These were nicely styled. and comfortable to ride in. That having been said, my recollection is that these were the lowest MPG cars made in America — dead last in fuel economy; about 6 MPG.

    I believe the El Dorado was built on the same platform, but if memory serves, the Cadillac used a 500 CI engine, so performance was marginally improved. They were VERY heavy cars. Not so bad to own as a daily driver, when gas prices were about .35-.40 a gallon, for premium mind you.

    Pretty car. That’s how it is sometimes, you pay your money, and take your chances :^).


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