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To Innocent To Die: This 1984 Ford Mustang Is Sitting In A Copart Lot As A Donation!

To Innocent To Die: This 1984 Ford Mustang Is Sitting In A Copart Lot As A Donation!

Copart is where I go to see dead vehicles. Pure and simple. For years I’ve associated the site with the mangled remains of what was useful transportation. And in my off time, I occasionally peruse the site looking for cheap options for potential project donation material. But mostly, I wind up seeing nothing more than mangled metal, the likes of which need to be shown ad nauseum to student drivers and Cars and Coffee morons who insist on fishtailing out of the parking lot over and over until behavior is modified.

Then there is this little gem. It’s a 1984 Ford Mustang L in…what color is that, Band-Aid? Ok, color aside, it’s a neat little find if for no other reason than it still has it’s innocence. There is no 347 stroker, no T-5 or anything here…it’s a proper blank canvas. The 2.3L four cylinder isn’t even the turbocharged model, and the interior is really, really decent! Why on earth someone donated this car is beyond us, but here it sits, running, driving, and in a Copart lot surrounded by a thousand “What Not To Do” stories.

Could we resist the urge to wrench on it? Hell no. But could we skip out on the whole V8 drag car kind of deal? Maybe. Finding a four-eye Fox that isn’t hacked to bits or rotting is starting to become a bit of a task, and this one is gorgeous. I’m personally seeing an EcoBoost crate motor and a six-speed Tremec going into this little sweetheart, along with a bunch of suspension goodies and some body bracing to make a hot fuel sipper. (Don’t give me that look, the car is light enough that it would work!) The real question would be if I could avoid repainting the car. I’d leave the interior well enough alone, but that outside? Um…maybe a nice shade of copper would be better…

Copart Auctions link: 1984 Ford Mustang L

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7 thoughts on “To Innocent To Die: This 1984 Ford Mustang Is Sitting In A Copart Lot As A Donation!

  1. Anthony

    Thought you could not buy cars from these guys? I once tried to win an auction for a Jeep and went through the whole thing only to be stopped at the end because I was not a dealer.

    1. bob

      Some sales all you have to be is a registered bidder, but this one you need to be a dealer or you can buy it through a bidding agent for a fee of coarse. Then there are all the other fees, buyers fee, internet fee, gate fee, loading fee, & delivery fee. And maybe sales tax.

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yes – shit colour scheme and four cylinder notwithstanding this is a real find!You would get good money for the motor for a Ford Escort transplant and it would part fund the obligatory 302, But as I already have a Fox Body that is exclusively set up for fast road use in the UK I hope to see another English Fox Body fan buy this!

  3. CC

    I see why it was donated – \”CA DMV FEES DUE\”

    Yeah, cost exceeds value = give it away. Thanks government bureaucrats.

  4. RockJustRock

    Aaaahhh California. Somebody stopped driving without filing a non-op and now this car can’t be legally OWNED until registration is brought current AND the non-op filed. CoPart not making the amount clear makes them a conspirator too. Enter and O.C. zip and you can find tons of this type buy WITH the details on E-Bay ALL the time.

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