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Question Of The Day: WHY? Will Someone Please Explain What Happened To This Poor Mid-1960’s Mopar?

Question Of The Day: WHY? Will Someone Please Explain What Happened To This Poor Mid-1960’s Mopar?

Let me start by apologizing for ruining your breakfast, and quite possibly your lunch too. About this time last year I stumbled across a 1980s Chrysler Cordoba that had been treated to the Superbird look, tall wing, nose cone and all, and while there was plenty of vocal dissent, there was also a chance that with the right color and a few tweaks on the original concept, that the Cordoba Daytona could actually work.


There is no way…no way in hell…that whatever this thing is will ever work. I’m not struggling for a way to describe it, I’m just struggling to put what I’m seeing into words that Brian and Chad won’t fire me for using. It looks like someone took a 1967 Plymouth VIP and a Nissan Altima, put them into a giant industrial mixer, threw in half of a parts store’s worth of chrome stick-on crap and switched the power to “kill”. Virgil Exner himself couldn’t out-ugly this thing if he gave it his best effort. Even Stevie Wonder would flinch. If I have to say anything nice about it, then the paint job is nice and restrained, and the car looks to be well-kept.


I’ve caught hell for ripping on people’s projects before, and I’m sure I’ll hear about it again. But if you can rationalize this car’s existence beyond “Because they can”, then leave a comment below explaining so, because right now I’m stumped.



Thanks to the many people who sent this to me. You owe me…eye-bleach is expensive!

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35 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: WHY? Will Someone Please Explain What Happened To This Poor Mid-1960’s Mopar?

  1. Brian Cooper

    Let’s face it, the car isn’t any uglier than it was when it was built by Plymouth.

  2. Jay Bree

    Perhaps the worlds most ugly project ever.

    Can you imagine after years of work, untold dollars and time, stepping back and gazing upon this…. creation…. and pondering “was it all worth it…?”

    And seeing….this.

    1. 61Impala

      “Perhaps the worlds most ugly project ever.”

      Anyone who has been to the Woodward Dream Cruise and seen the toy car would disagree. This video was posted in 2011 and he’s been motivated since this interview. He’s out every year, all week, and the last couple years there is no room left to add anything.


  3. Tedly

    That’s way too well done to be blamed on meth, too. That’s just bad taste. Or a weird sense of humor.

    It’s your job to be opinionated (and to have us make fun of you for having one of the coolest jobs around), but I don’t think you’ll be catching much flack for this one. Yeesh.

  4. mooseface

    I see that kid-friendly cartoon bee and can only hope that this car is a joke.
    Please, all things in the heavens and cosmos, let this be a joke!

  5. john

    The sail panel of the roof and the “unmolested” door panel tells me it’s a ’65-66 Dodge Polara 2dr. I learned to drive in one. That aside, WTF!!!!!

  6. Gary Smrtic

    I was thinking Plymouth Sport Fury. Regardless, someone needs to die for doing this…


    That is a 1965 or 1966 Polara and the owner should be kicked in the face many times over….What I see now is parts…windows, window parts, wiper cowl, sheep metal patches for my Fury…..some people should not be allowed nearr cars…any cars…ever.

    1. mike

      it’s all in the eyes (or hands) of the beholder(owner).The poor sap must love it. He must cry out loud to here what we are saying about his baby.

  8. Scott Liggett

    I was going to say it has one plus, sidepipes. But alas, they are not functional and there are two foot long tail pipe extensions.

    This is certainly not the usual butchered together disasters I normally see. Someone did on helluva lot of on that bodywork and paint to look that nice. It looks like it belongs to that cat lady with 8,000 garden gnomes in her neatly manicured yard.

  9. C1BAD66

    I keep looking at it and looking at it, wondering if the “nasty bits” could be removed and the car brought back to stock.

    ‘Guess that would depend if the scoops, wing, etc. are attached with double-sided tape.

    The taillight areas would be a major task.

    The nose looks like it might be bolted on.

  10. Dirwood

    After he couldn’t add another doodad to the body he steps back and says “this would look so much better covered in hearing aid beige”

  11. AC Myers

    I think I saw this….this thing at or around Billetproof last week and I thought WTF????? and I’m a pastor!

  12. Lee

    I have seen about a dozen of these “wing car” conversions. Some are very good (a 1969 lime green Barracuda fastback comes to mind) and some are just funny to look at.

    But this one takes the cake as the worst I have ever seen!!

  13. oldguy

    Blasphomey !!
    But we did save a late 60’s Plymouth w/ slashed tires in Boston 1975.
    Friend tried to change them and the lugs spun .
    Went in with mounted used wheels and tires,new studs, + lug nuts .
    Pulled the old ones, drums , bearings and all . Went around the corner
    and a guy at a gas station/repair shop cut the studs w/ a smoke wrench.
    Slammed the studs out of the drums, slammed new ones in,
    remounted the drums, mounted the other wheels and off he went .
    Best part is that the station is still there – Corner of Huntington and
    South Huntington – My daughter lived right by there in 2008-20012
    while in college – laughed every time I drove

  14. alan

    That looks about as bad as the mustang II with a Mercedes kit that a guy in Greensboro nc was driving back in the early 80s

  15. Bill Martino

    This was taken at Billetproof at the Don Garlit’s museum in Ocala, Fl. So… because Florida…

  16. Brendon

    Ok, for the fun of it I’ll try to rationalize the existence of this…. Doing this saved this car from being neglected, abandoned, crushed and recycled into a honda or prius.

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