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Rough Start: Does A 19,000 Mile Plymouth Volaré Deserve To Break The Budget?

Rough Start: Does A 19,000 Mile Plymouth Volaré Deserve To Break The Budget?

Over the course of the Rough Start searches, we’ve done our best to stay within the $5,000 and under budget on sheer principle. Five grand is a very approachable number for a running, driving project car that shouldn’t need much more to be useful, if not perfect. But on occasion, we’ve found some cars that are more expensive, but are still close to the budget that we feel that their cost is justified by what they bring to the table. Either they are pretty much done or they are the perfect selection that doesn’t need much to be great. With that in mind, we’re breaking the bank for an “off” Mopar that has a bit going for it.

The Plymouth Volaré didn’t have a great run. Following up the solid Scamp and Duster in Plymouth’s lineup, the Volaré suffered from a rushed production program and a stunning lack of quality control, especially where rustproofing was concerned. The resulting recalls nearly was the final nail in Chrysler Corporation’s coffin, a car that has been a punchline since. A deserved stigma? Absolutely, and when you see just how much A-body was left in the F-body, it’s even worse. But let’s be a little bit fair about this: prior to the recall, the F-bodies were Chrysler’s best sellers, with the Chrysler Cordoba next in line. Chrysler needed smaller cars in a bad way and the buying public, who knew that replacements for the A-bodies were coming, ate them up. Had Chrysler taken a few more months to get things right in the production line, the story of the company might be different.

So what’s the story on this car? Not much. It’s a 318/automatic car with 19,xxx miles on the clock, an air conditioning system that has been converted to R134a refrigerant, and is now sitting on 17×8 (front) and 18×9.5 (rear) US Mag wheels. The end. After that, you have one of the nicer-kept Plymouth Volarés in existence. Everything shows as well as one of these cars would straight off of the lot. The running gear won’t give you trouble, and as it sits this thing looks pretty solid. Our only suggestions: a Lean Burn delete, if it hasn’t been done yet, and some power tweaks for the 318…nothing radical, just some minor work to give it respectable enough power. For $5,400, someone needs to run this thing!

Craigslist Link: 1976 Plymouth Volaré

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7 thoughts on “Rough Start: Does A 19,000 Mile Plymouth Volaré Deserve To Break The Budget?

    1. Jon

      Wow, this appears to be about 5 miles from me. I can probably swing by and take a look if someone is interested in more info.

  1. KCR

    Its worth that all day long. Those miles are just an xtra plus. I could even live with those wheels ,not too big. Would be a great one to give to the little misses. Just a great driver

  2. Gary

    Later in the production run, they were pretty good cars. I was a 16-17 when Dad bought a 79 Aspen. It was a really good car. Leaning tower of power. Set of ET 5 spokes. Comfortable ride, with a bench seat in front….girlfriend liked this.

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