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Best of 2019: Somebody Needs To Finish Up This Slammed Jeep J20 Dually!

Best of 2019: Somebody Needs To Finish Up This Slammed Jeep J20 Dually!

(Hey, Cody…any updates on this beast? -Ed.)

I have seen it all now. I’ve seen GM duallies slammed on their nuts in magazines for at least twenty years. I’ve seen a couple of low Fords that risk scraped framerails. I’ve even seen a pancaked Ram or two. The lowered dually look is super-bitchin’ to me…you get a bit of the fat-tire hot rod vibe with all of the rubber out back, you get the strength to run whatever mill you want to run, be it gas or diesel, and you get the benefits of a dual rear wheel pickup. And it just looks killer…at least, I think so. You know the saying about what opinions are like, so sit on the side of the coin you prefer on that thought.

What I can also say with certainty is that I’ve never, ever seen a Jeep J-truck lower than the Honcho used in the movie “Twister” until now. There it is…a 3/4 ton J20, with an AMC 360, suspension components raided from a Chevrolet truck, down low in the Northern Arizona forests. It’s a project vehicle, but runs and drives according to the seller. $4500 will get you in the phantom rig, but how much can you get out of it? We’d start with a set of custom dually fenders and get moving from there…

Facebook Marketplace link: 1974 Jeep J20 (SJ)

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12 thoughts on “Best of 2019: Somebody Needs To Finish Up This Slammed Jeep J20 Dually!

  1. Realdeal

    Wow what a total ABORTION and a waste of a nice truck that’s made to be 4×4 not lowered

  2. Scott

    I agree with the author. This has potential to be something special. For sure, not to be a doppelganger at a show or cruise in. The right rest fenders will make or break the whole thing, though. Good job to the owner for thinking outside of the box.

    1. Cody Mazza

      I’m working on designing some fenders for it right now I’ve just gotta make sure they look good! Like you said they’ll make or break the whole ride! Thank you I appriciate it!

  3. Brett

    To each their own, and all that, but removing much of the usefulness and capabilities of a pick-em-up truck is a mistake in my book.
    And this is not quite “thinking outside the box,” since as BMT pointed out, this fashion trend has been around for a couple decades. The builder simply applied it to a moniker that had remained as of yet untainted. It’s like if Victoria’s Secret came out with a line of camo. Interesting? Yes, but Camo Booty had already beat them to it.
    Now, if we really wanted to DTBD with this J truck, let’s stick to the “J” theme. 2JZ perhaps? AWD dragster maybe?

  4. Bill Butte

    I hope they at least replaced the crappy, leak-prone fuel tank that all J-10/J-20’s came with. If I had a dime for everyone of these my shop replaced or repaired, I’d have more dollars than I have now!

  5. Gary

    I’d rather see a repost of that guy’s Dodge truck (from Bakersfield, I think) that was a dually, but had them tucked into the standard width bed. Now THAT was a build!

  6. Cody Mazza

    So this is badass. This is my truck I built this over a year ago. And wanted to build something nobody else has! Truck is getting finished and is not for sale! I never thought something I built would be on a website! So this is cool! To each is there own. I built this truck to my liking!

    1. KCR

      Way to go Cody. THis is outside the box. And all the “normal” vehicle owners,that paid $20,000 for thier paint job dont like it. This truck ,not thiers .Was posted by Bang Shift.Way to go dude.And for my 2 cents. get a set of those front fenders,use them to make the rear fenders.

  7. Gary

    Way to go, Cody Mazza! I prefer lowered trucks myself, not scrappers, but something that handles but is still driveable over rough roads, transitions, speedbumps, etc. I’d buy a 4 X 4, but I don’t think anyone makes anything I could easily lower the front with. Because unlike some other folks, I see more purpose in having 4WD or AWD than to abuse it over stupid terrain…

  8. cody mazza

    cody, no updates anymore. the j20 dually has made its way to Utah??? a gentleman up north of me is hopefully putting to use. last i heard he was replacing the rack and pinion and the entire wire harness, hes also talking about selling it.

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