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Random Car Review: The 1971-74 Dodge Serra Boulevard 3700 GT

Random Car Review: The 1971-74 Dodge Serra Boulevard 3700 GT

The legendary Chrysler Slant Six…that leaning tower of power that appeared in just about everything Chrysler made between 1960 and the early 1990s was known for durability and economy, but performance wasn’t it’s strong suit…or was it? The 225ci version of the six with the infamous Hyper Pak kit could push 195 horsepower in good trim, and is most noted for a first-through-eighth finish during a one-off compact car NASCAR event held at Daytona Speedway in 1960. Finding a Slant Six is still a fairly easy chore nowadays, but believing that this coupe is packing Chrysler’s nearly indestructible six-cylinder doesn’t come easily. At first glance, you’d think this was some sort of Jensen or Bristol, but nope, it’s a Dodge, except it is one we doubt you’ve seen much of. Meet the extremely limited production Dodge Serra Boulevard 3700 GT.

dodge boulevard 3

The story of this strange little coupe has to be traced back to Chrysler Corporation’s relationship with Eduardo Barreiros. In 1963, Barreiros and Chrysler agreed to sell a version of the Dodge Dart in Spain.¬†Spain at the time did not allow imported cars to be sold, but by pairing off with Barreiros Diesel, Chrysler could import knock-down kits, which Barreiros would sell. The Dart got a few cosmetic touches more suitable for the local market and was renamed 3700 GT. They sold moderately well, positioned as a luxury car that was well suited for taking the family out for a lazy drive. But the Boulevard was one step further: Catalan coachbuilder Pedro Serra and Italian designer Michele Liprandi proposed a coupe body for the 3700 GT and in 1971, unveiled the Boulevard coupe.dodge boulevard 2


Unfortunately, the Boulevard’s arrival could not have been timed worse. Spain was pushing Serra to be licensed as a manufacturer and not just a coachbuilder, and the registration process to get a Boulevard street-legal for Spanish roads made California smog-registering paperwork look like a breeze. Add in the fuel crisis, and it was a done deal. Between 1971 and 1974, only 18 Boulevard coupes were made before Chrysler Spain (who by then was a majority owner of Barreiros Diesel) pulled the plug.

dodge boulevard 4

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9 thoughts on “Random Car Review: The 1971-74 Dodge Serra Boulevard 3700 GT

  1. anthony

    Cool looking car. Would have been great with a 383 standard. Chrysler should have sold them here. Another victim of red tape it seems.

  2. John T

    the front view reminds me of an older Maserati Biturbo…do a google image search and I reckon you’ll agree..

  3. Matt Cramer

    I knew the Dart was sold as the “3700 GT” in Spain… but I had no idea this version existed! Looks like it’s on a much shorter wheelbase than any A-body I’ve ever seen.

    1. Lungs_of_Steel

      Jalopnik didn’t just “discover” this car. Mopar enthusiasts have known about this car for quite some time.

      Watch the old “Dick Tracy” movie with Madonna (I think?) for the sedan version of this car.

  4. Bill Greenwood

    You can’t help but wonder if a 340 or 360 would fit. After all, everything the slant fit into also had an A-engine option. It’s a good looking car, and could only look better rocking that proper sound of a 340 breathing through Mopar factory dual exhaust. Hmmm. Better check those lottery tickets….

  5. Piston

    Ive got to get one of these and ram in a 340 sixpack omg the revs and feels in this car. I think it looks awesome. Put a couple turbos on it and man we have a street machine from hell.

  6. Tom P

    That would be very cool with a 340. I would love to see more shots of this interesting car. I assume it’s a shortened A Body platform.

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