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Rough Start: Forever Underrated, This 1986 Conquest TSi Needs To Be Autocrossing!

Rough Start: Forever Underrated, This 1986 Conquest TSi Needs To Be Autocrossing!

Mitsubishi Starions and every version of the Chrysler captive import known as Conquest (it was sold under Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge names at varying points during the 1980s) are one of those cars everybody loves but nobody seems to do much with. Have you noticed that or is it just me? The StarQuests are another of Chrysler and Mitsubishi’s captive import plan that had been in place since the early 1970s and were the in-between gap from the car we got as the 1978-83 Dodge Challenger/Plymouth Sapporo (read: Mitsubishi Galant Lambda) and the Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth. For a JDM car sold in the 1980s, it seemed aimed directly at the IROC Camaro and Mustang GT: it used a turbo-four that was a legitimate hemi-headed unit, paired off with a turbocharger; it had independent rear suspension and starting in 1986, came in a tasty widebody variation that had one of the best looking wheel designs on just about any car with 16 x 8 front, 16 x 9 rear sizing.

Per the seller, this is a 1986 Dodge Conquest TSi. Frankly, I couldn’t tell you if it is a Dodge, Chrysler or Plymouth without looking at paperwork, but it’s not like I’d care. The lone emblem on the trunk looks like a dealership badge more than anything else. But should you care? Nope. Widebody kit, those wheels, a five-speed…this is a bit off of the beaten path, but given how well other JDM cars are doing in the marketplace, finding a driver-quality StarQuest like this that’s driven daily should already be a plus. Build up an Evo-spec four-cylinder or go with the “cram a V8” plan, whatever…just don’t mess with the looks. Or those wheels.

Facebook Marketplace link: 1986 (Imported for Chrysler Corp.) Conquest TSi

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2 thoughts on “Rough Start: Forever Underrated, This 1986 Conquest TSi Needs To Be Autocrossing!

  1. steve pearce

    Here in the UK autocrossing is racing cars on a field rather like a four wheeled version of moto cross. This is far to nice a car to be subjected to that but would be fine in auto tests which is our version of autocrossing!

  2. jerry z

    The Conquest/Station has IMHO one of the best looking factory mags ever! I remember when they first hit the street but could not get myself to buy one because of the puney 4 cyl.


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