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Declare Your Hot Rodding Independence – SUPPORT THE RPM ACT TODAY!

Declare Your Hot Rodding Independence – SUPPORT THE RPM ACT TODAY!

The Fourth of July is one of America’s greatest days and we hoped you enjoyed it this year. It is a reminder about the roots of our country and the fight that would ultimately change the world in ways people could have never imagined. This week there’s something you as a hot rodder can do for your automotive independence and that is to support the RPM Act. You can do it most effectively by picking up the phone and calling your legislator, urging them to support this important piece of legislation that will protect hot rodding and grassroots motorsports for the future.

Without it we’ll be living in a scary world where our future is dependent on the whims of bureaucrats who have no idea nor care about what we do and how we do it. This is not a message we are going to trumpet for this weekend or the following week. We are going to beat the drum on this until it is signed into law.

Do you remember the storm that kicked up with all of this craziness started? From that storm came a lot of good. The RPM Act is at the forefront of it. The RPM Act needs your support and there’s no other way to say it. Let’s all get behind this thing and give it the boost it needs with overwhelming support.

Leave a message this weekend and then get someone on the phone next week. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.


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2 thoughts on “Declare Your Hot Rodding Independence – SUPPORT THE RPM ACT TODAY!

  1. Gavin

    A day old story to THE most important issue facing racers and the hobby in general, and I\’m the first to comment??? WTF? Is anybody paying attention or has everyone capitulated to the idea of inevitable government intrusion crushing every freedom? You have a voice, for crying out loud, use it! Have I contacted my legislator? No, I haven\’t because I live in Canada and I can\’t contribute to supporting the RPM Act other than to try to motivate my South of the border fellow enthusiasts to get off their collective asses and support this measure. Why do I care? Because every bit of legislation passed in the States is noted in my country and, if it\’s intrusive and crushes freedoms, it\’s wholeheartedly embraced and adopted by the dysfunctional provincial and federal governments here. But it\’s not just Canadian car guys watching how this plays out. The impact of this Act not passing would be a death knell to enthusiasts globally, in Australia, Europe, South America, you name it. Politicians and anti-car interest groups will see this as further support of their mandate to ban all cars and private modes of transportation. Think it won\’t happen? Think I\’m being alarmist? Then your not paying attention to what\’s going on in the world. Support for the RPM Act it critical on a multitude of levels. Finally, every parts manufacturer, every parts supplier to the hobbyist, every downstream shop associated with building or modifying cars should be vocally supporting the RPM Act!!! Where the hell are you people? Why don\’t I see every website I visit posting a, \”We Support the RPM Act\” ticker tape in their banner, with a link for enthusiasts to click on? Five minutes of your time now to contact your Legislators and show your support for this Act can translate into years of continued enjoyment of our race and street cars. Please, please Act now. Thank you.

  2. Gavin

    Hey Brian, to my last point about putting the RPM Act in everyone’s face, can you please put a permanent link to the SEMA website in the BS homepage banner, (or wherever it works best), and beat the drum on this until it passes? We cannot be passive on this and hope for the best. Would you please be an active advocate and also personally tell everyone you know in the industry? I feel powerless on this not being a US citizen and not being allowed to show my support for this Act, but if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you then just let me know via my email. Thanks kindly.

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