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eBay Find: This 1947 Dodge Power Wagon Wrecker Is The Height Of Vehicular Perfection

eBay Find: This 1947 Dodge Power Wagon Wrecker Is The Height Of Vehicular Perfection

My love for Power Wagons is only superseded by my love of tow trucks so when I found this 1947 Dodge Power Wagon wrecker for sale on eBay I naturally broke down in tears at the sheer perfection of the whole operation. This is an awesome truck with an equally cool Holmes 480 twin boom wrecker setup in the back. The truck was likely used as an on and off-road recovery unit for most of its life but that being said, the thing is in remarkable shape. The seller downplays the goodness of the truck in the ad and you can see that here in the original text:

I’m selling my 1947 Dodge Power Wagon with an operating Holmes 480 wrecker bed. This truck runs, drives, and stops but needs a complete tune up as it has sat for a while. The man I bought this from said the motor has been rebuilt. Overall the body is presentable but I’m selling this as a project as most of the glass has cracks, the tires hold air but are rotted, and the truck needs a tune up. 4 wheel drive works as does the PTO that runs the wrecker bed. Heater and lights also operate, Gauges are hit and miss. Feel free to give me a call to discuss the truck or price. You can take it for a test drive as well.

So some glass, a set of tires, and a tune up before you have one of the coolest flipping Power Wagons you’ll ever see in your life. Despite the shortcoming described in the ad the seller is still looking for nearly $14,000. Is that too much? Who knows. Have you seen another one for sale? We have only seen them in the movies and stuff. Obviously having been built after the war was over, this truck was pressed into private or municipal service after being built.

We’d never fault a seller for being honest, but c’amon man. What you have there is a true piece of art!



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CLICK HERE to see the eBay ad for this 1947 Dodge Power Wagon wrecker

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2 thoughts on “eBay Find: This 1947 Dodge Power Wagon Wrecker Is The Height Of Vehicular Perfection

  1. L-88 Freak

    Nice. Cool truck. Needs a huge winch out front and a big cube, stroked wedge motor under the hood.

  2. claymore

    Wow a trip down memory lane. I drove one of these for years back in the 70’s. It was the only wrecker for our Jeep/Chrysler Plymouth dealership. It was SLOW but would eventually pull anything back to the dealership.

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