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At Least You Didn’t Pay The Painter: Who Wants This Killer 1976 Chevy Van?

At Least You Didn’t Pay The Painter: Who Wants This Killer 1976 Chevy Van?

I have zero shame in admitting that I’m a sucker for top-tier paint work. I’m not talking “fresh out of Maaco” paint. I’m talking the kind of paint work that House of Kolor puts on display at SEMA levels of good. Metalflake, lacework, panel paint, airbrushing…all of it. I don’t care if it’s an open-faced helmet that is green with monster flake in it or a Ford LTD lowrider that has enough lacework done to the roof of the car that you lose yourself in the depths of the work, I’ll sing it’s praises all day long.

Van culture, just like lowriders, has a strong affiliation with some of the best paintwork you can find on four wheels. With such large, slab sides, murals became popular. Now, it’s easy to laugh off the “naked lady riding a dragon” joke, but the tropic biker paradise images that are splashed all over this 1976 Chevrolet van are too cool. The crashing waves, the shoreline trees, the bikes, and even the tricked out Corvair Greenbrier van, you expect to get a whiff of salt breeze when you walk near this machine.

Mechanically, all you really need to know is that it’s a 350/TH350 combination and that the van has been fitted with a Vintage Air kit to keep you nice and cool. Which is perfect for what this van needs to be doing…it’s a showpiece, sure. That paint is absolutely gorgeous and the Chevy isn’t getting any younger. But this thing needs to be traveling. This is the kind of art you take on a trip and go be seen in. Just picture a little kid riding along in Mom’s yawn-mobile who sees an old van with surfer girl and biker murals all over it. Their faces would be melding through the glass as you rolled on by.

eBay Link: 1976 Chevrolet G-10 “Chevy Van” SWB

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2 thoughts on “At Least You Didn’t Pay The Painter: Who Wants This Killer 1976 Chevy Van?

  1. Rob

    Awesome – Even before I flicked through the ad I thought this thing screams David Mann.

    His art is unmistakable. Van is just TOO COOL.

  2. Stoney Moreland

    This is my brothers….the prep work is just as exceptional ….pics don\’t do it justice…

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