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Blown Freak Show! This Radically Altered 1959 Cadillac Is A Rat Fink Level Of Love It Or Hate It Design

Blown Freak Show! This Radically Altered 1959 Cadillac Is A Rat Fink Level Of Love It Or Hate It Design

When I saw the photos you are looking at now on the computer screen in front of me, I was thinking about a couple of things. The first was that this will probably be one of the more polarizing cars we have ever put on the pages of the site and the second was my honest opinion of the creation. Believe it or not, I really like this completely bizarre take on a 1959 Cadillac. The dimensions are bizarre, the engine is cartoonish looking, the interior is a shade of green I never knew existed and yet it makes me smile. It looks like Rat Fink himself should be driving it down the road with a six foot long shifter coming up through the floor.

I am figuring that lots of you will really hate this thing because I am not sure a car like this has any middle ground at all. There’s not really a camp of “I kind of like it” when you do the things that have been done here with the radical changes to the body and all. I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the nose treatment and the headlights just kind of floating out there next to the grill, but then again I have no idea what could be done to clean all that up. To some, it may be offensive to chop up a 1959 Cadillac for something like this but people make that argument about all types of classic cars. The whole thing looks like a living Hot Wheels toy to me and that’s reason enough for it to turn my crank.

Ever now and again I think it is a good thing to experience a shock to your system like this Cadillac provides because it keeps things from getting stale. In a world where the 1969 Camaro can nearly be seen on every street corner, it is nice to see something at the far end of the spectrum and by far end, I mean like miles away. Hate it? Love it? Want it? Tell us!

Thanks to Kurt for the tip!

Here’s the text of the ebay ad:

Custom made 1959 Cadillac chopped into a roadster!  Gasser style with a straight axle.  Blown 468 Engine surges like an old time fuel dragster.  Has a new engine and transmission that runs excellent.  The supercharger is a 671 GMC with a custom intake.  It has a 1932 grill shell, a 1955 Chevy dash, and Pontiac Solstice humps behind the seats.  This hot rod draws the crowds at shows and is a blast to ride! This car was posted early last week to see if there was any interest with some of the information being inaccurate and is now up in auction style by the original owner!



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CLICK HERE to see the eBay listing for this wild 1959 Cadillac

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15 thoughts on “Blown Freak Show! This Radically Altered 1959 Cadillac Is A Rat Fink Level Of Love It Or Hate It Design

  1. Gregg68

    I… honestly can’t decide. However, with an extra long “ape hanger” shifter with a “skull” knob that has green jeweled eyes (preferably lighted) then… sorta? What I’m sure about is that I don’t hate it; but…

    1. Matt Cramer

      Another one on the fence myself. Yes, it needs a ginormous shift lever, but I’d also say it needs the rear axle and fender openings move back 2′ and the doors stretched a foot or so. And some massive cheater slicks out back. Then it would be perfect for Rat Fink’s daily driver.

  2. 440 6Pac

    Rat Fink might drive it but I don’t want to be caught within 100 miles of it. The thing looks like a botched abortion.
    Some cars can the fenders removed and look good. But nothing from around 1940 and newer can. It’s just the way their designed.

  3. C1BAD66

    No love from here!

    It’s been sliced and diced and had a mischmasch of unrelated components thrown at it.

    It reminds me of Johnny Cash’s “One piece at a time” Caddy.

    Any owner of that thing would likely be driven buggy by questions of “Why?”.

  4. elkyguy

    i’m partly with matt on this—rear wheels need to go back,the doors really need to be bigger,and the deuce shell is just wrong,wrong,wrong!—make the above changes,and put a swoopy front end on it—something along the lines of a 61 tbird—i’m thinking along the lines of starbird,or alexander bros here—a removable bubble top,maybe?—that motor would not look right with those changes,but maybe something with injectors poking thru?—i don’t see how it could clear any driveway the way it is now……

  5. Devin

    Man, if you’re against abortion, this is the car that will make you all for it! The proportions are way out of whack that the aesthetics are horrid. I love 60’s show rods, but this doesn’t cut it for me. It looks like a lot of work and strong craftsmanship however.

  6. ImpalaGuy

    I’m kinda liking it. Not sure what I’d do with it, but I know I’d hit the C&C and look for the Cadillac/LeSalle club show and freak out the resto-nuts.

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