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Garage Art: This Antique Steering Wheel Would Look Bitchin’ Hanging On The Wall

Garage Art: This Antique Steering Wheel Would Look Bitchin’ Hanging On The Wall

I’ve yet to go into a shop and not see some sort of decoration. I don’t care how Billy Bad-Ass someone is, if they have a shop and give a shred of a care about a car, there is something that is for decorative purposes. I’ve seen it all…from the gorgeous shops that have body parts, old neon signs, and the like to the grungy, gritty garage that is full of calendars and “posters” that are most certainly 18-and-over only, if a gearhead lives there, something has been placed in the name of art. My shop is included…a small handful of the license plates I’ve accumulated, a couple of race banners and various model nameplate badges from the junkyard have made it into the shop and onto the walls, along with some of my collection of vintage toys, so I remember just where I came from when I started this addiction. The one thing I have to say about decor: if you are going to have it, make sure that you have a story that goes along with it. It’s a personal thing for me, but I like it when people ask about the little plastic 1965 Mustang that is like the one I played with when I was five years old, or when they ask about the “BATLBRG” license plate in the old blue-and-white Illinois plate style and the story behind it.

But what about parts? I love seeing old parts on the walls…cracked manifolds that are better seen and not used, taillights turned into lamps, grilles from years past. But steering wheels just might be my most favorite. Stacey David has numerous old steering wheels on the shop wall in his studio, and he’s got a pretty decent story on each and every one that is hanging up. But I don’t remember if he has one that resembles this five-spoke design that dates back to the turn-of-the-century, if the seller is being accurate. Here’s where I’m going to claim ignorance: I have no way on this planet to assure you that it’s from a 1904 Renault or an older Darracq racer. If that can be proven, then I’d be all about it. If you don’t know what a Darracq is, here’s the homework assignment: very early hot V8-powered machine, still capable of hanging the tail out even in modern times. 

If this steering wheel is really from a Darracq, we’d have it on our wall in seconds proudly.

eBay Link: Antique Steering Wheel

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2 thoughts on “Garage Art: This Antique Steering Wheel Would Look Bitchin’ Hanging On The Wall

  1. Loren

    Seller’s description does not sound trustworthy however I wouldn’t automatically discount it. May be for real and a neat-o item for somebody with lots more money than me!

    For the rest of us, stick whatever old steering wheel or valve cover or air cleaner you kept off something or even found in a junkyard and liked on the wall, and you’ll have just-as-good or better-of a story to tell than whoever ends up with that item on e-Bay.

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