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EBay Find: A Street Legal 1959 Anglia Gasser

EBay Find: A Street Legal 1959 Anglia Gasser

This little bastard jumped right off eBay and attacked us! With a nose high stance, straight front axle, tunnel rammed small block, and wheelbase that seems a hair shorter than the average go kart it would make perfect daily transportation. When most people think of an Anglia gasser they are thinking of the older style from the 1940s, not this stylish little number from the Eisenhower era.

While the little 355ci, iron headed Chevy engine is not making four digit power, the entire car only weighs about four digits, so the thing must really haul the mail. Handling in virtually any situation other than a straight line will be about as predictable as the stock market, but you’re not buying this car for autocross glory. You’re buying it because it will be the only one you see at a car show or cruise night ever, end of story.

The car is 100% steel and is fully streetable with lights, blinkers, and all necessary safety equipment. Inside there is a four point roll bar to protect you and the passenger, who we hope is a small person or you’ll look like a couple of trained bears wedged into the thing!

If we had the scratch, we’d buy this car in a heartbeat. The front end would come down a few inches, but other than that, not much would change!

Hit the link below to see more photos and the whole ad!


Anglia street gasser

Nose high and proud!


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3 thoughts on “EBay Find: A Street Legal 1959 Anglia Gasser

  1. john t

    don’t get me wrong, I like it, but is it just me or are all these new wave gassers MUCH higher in the front (or lower in the rear ) than they were back in the day?

  2. Speedy

    Yes, the “nosebleed stance” is generally higher now. The average gassers before the mid 60s weren’t nearly as high any of today’s neo-gassers. While the “cowboy” rake was popular, it usually wasn’t THAT exaggerated.

    This car could be good, but it’s got the wrong lettering, the wrong engine, the wrong wheels, and the wrong rear fender openings.

  3. 44Anonymousroadrunner

    Speedy, you need to go look at some more photos of real vintage gassers. Here’s one from the Spokane area. The thing blew a clutch on a run about summer of 66-67. Buddy of mine ‘n I were warming in my 57, as it was a cold early spring day. Heard a WHUMP, got out, and here was a huge ding/ slash in the side of a Caddy next to us. A piece of the pressure plate had come down BETWEEN our two cars and hit the rear quarter of the Caddy.

    I remember MANY of the old gassers all jacked up just like that


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