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BangShift SEMA 2011 Coverage: 350 Plus Photos

BangShift SEMA 2011 Coverage: 350 Plus Photos

Day 1 of SEMA 2011 is over, and we are already tired. With a jillion square feet of all the coolest the aftermarket has to offer, our feet have only just begun to realize pain. After making the rounds to all our BangShift sponsors, we spent the day shooting video, interviewing your favorite drivers, and checking out as many cars as possible. With over 350 photos of cars around the show, we’ve only scratched the surface and will be slamming out more content throughout the week including news, rumors, new products, and even more photos.

The cars here at the SEMA show are, as usual, the ones that you can expect to see over the next year in some of your favorite magazines. We’ll shoot some mini features on some this week, and give you a sneak peek of the cool stuff you’ll be able to buy from your favorite speed parts source in 2012. 

Check out other blog items for news on race team announcements, Chevrolet’s COPO Camaro program, and the latest from our favorite manufacturers. Keep in mind it’s only day one and the week has just begun. We’ll have more for you each day so check back often.

Click here to see SEMA 2011 Gallery 1.

Click here to see SEMA 2011 Gallery 2.

 2012 Firebird

 Ring Brothers Mustang SEMA

SEMA 2011 Old Chevy

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3 thoughts on “BangShift SEMA 2011 Coverage: 350 Plus Photos

  1. Pat Goder

    In the second picture there is a red ’33 Willys coupe. Is there any info as to which company. I would like info as to who’s body they used.

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