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Bitchin’ Cruise Gallery: The Sonic Drive-In Cruise – Morgantown, PA

Bitchin’ Cruise Gallery: The Sonic Drive-In Cruise – Morgantown, PA

(Photos by Joe Grippo) – The cruise season is going full bore all across the country now and Joe Grippo proved that even in PA car guys ad girls are out and about having fun. Joe recently attended a local cruise night at a Sonic Drive-In and had his camera with him to record the action. There’s a Hemi powered ’32 Ford you’ll see below that we’re completely enthralled with along with several other old school rides.

Be like Joe! If you are hitting a cool local cruise, bring your camera, zap some photos and shoot us an email to [email protected] We can get the files from you lickety split and your local cruise spot can be featured to the world here on the electronic pages of BangShift! It is pretty neat when guys from Smalltown USA have their stuff showcased to the world, so join in on the fun!

From the cool cars to the great light of a spring evening, this is what cruising is all about!



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3 thoughts on “Bitchin’ Cruise Gallery: The Sonic Drive-In Cruise – Morgantown, PA

  1. ls7gto

    great shots Joe, the yellow and white 56 was once owned by me, of course then it didnt sit like it was a 4×4. the big block that is in it came from my late father in laws suburban. I would love to get the stance back where it was. ( he even pulled the narrowed 9 inch for a s-10 10 bolt! )

  2. Birdman

    Thanks for the great pics, Joe.

    Nice to see some folks taking traditional hot rod fodder and either restoring or mildly resto-modding them. Case in point: beautiful maroon ’55 Bel Air. Nice!

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