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Hot Rod Hash: Cold Temps Didn’t Stop These Gearheads From Enjoying Their Cars – See ‘Em All Here

Hot Rod Hash: Cold Temps Didn’t Stop These Gearheads From Enjoying Their Cars – See ‘Em All Here

(Words by Doug Gregory – Photos by Doug and Taylor Gregory) – Somernites has turned into a semi-regular thing for us as we really like these events and the local area is great to visit.  The events really start off with a cruise-in on Thursday night.  Friday there is a meet-up at Danny’s Rod Shop North of town  then they have what is basically a block party that night.  Saturday mornings they gather at a local eatery then head off to some local point of interest.  Once that concludes its basically time to head downtown to the show.  This was to be our first time going on the morning drive.

Why? Well, for one we weren’t tired having arrived in Somerset the night before with plenty of time for refreshing slumber.  Secondly, the drive this day was to Cumberland Falls State Park.  Haven’t heard of it?  The next article and gallery will show a little of what you missed.  For now we’ll focus on the gathering of willing participants that braved sub-40-degree temperatures and an extremely heavy dew in order to take in the sights.  In my universe this group is comprised of folks who want to use their car as it was intended – to travel and enjoy.  It was apparent to me that many of us are not playing with a full-deck so I didn’t feel out of place.

Making my point was the grandma-fresh Ford Fairmont station wagon complete with wood-grain, wire-spoke hubcaps, and a blower sticking through the hood.  What….?!!!   The story goes that this gentleman had this motor and was looking for a good, yet affordable Mustang to slip it into.  Not finding a suitable resting spot for the huffed small-block Ford he happened upon this Fairmont wagon.  Figuring it would make a unique combo the deal was made and the work began.  Backing up the blower-whine is a 5-speed tranny to really make this thing brilliant.  Traditionally-speaking its totally wrong, but from a hot rodder’s point-of-view the thing is a throwback to when you worked with what you had or could find that fit your budget and plan.  To me that’s a great example of thinking outside the box.  Some cool, understated wheels might make it better, but everyone’s tastes can’t be the same.   Enjoy this gallery of cars that made the trek to Cumberland Falls.



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9 thoughts on “Hot Rod Hash: Cold Temps Didn’t Stop These Gearheads From Enjoying Their Cars – See ‘Em All Here

  1. Scott Liggett

    Although I don’t understand why it has to be a sunny, warm day to get your hot rod out; I do applaud these guys/gals who got their rides out on a chilly day. BTW, I was driving my ’65 Impala Christmas shopping yesterday.

  2. Arl

    Cool gallery. Nice to see 4 doors getting some love. My favorite was the satin black ’53 Chevy with the slotted mags. Might have the year wrong though.

  3. Matt Cramer

    The wire wheel covers just make the car on the Fairmont. Everything looking totally as Ford intended… until you get to the blower through the hood. Two thumbs up.

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