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Keels N Wheels 2015: More Coverage From The Amazing Show In Texas

Keels N Wheels 2015: More Coverage From The Amazing Show In Texas

(Photos by Charles Wickam) – We’re back with a second day of spectacular photo coverage featuring last weekend’s Keels N Wheels Concourse d’ Excellence because Wickam’s photos are too good not to share. This is a unique event that brings together cars of all generations and stripes along with some of the nicest, most historically cool, and finely finished boats from the classic era that you’ll ever see in one place. We have no idea how Charles is even allowed into the place which seems way nicer than any BangShift press badge has ever gotten us into through our travels.

The event has been going on for 20 years and it continues to draw a big crowd of participants along with a massive flock of spectators so it appears that the show will continue on for a long time coming. We really enjoyed the photos that Charles took of the boats at this show because we’re not really boat guys but we’re surely capable of appreciating the work of the skilled craftsmen that created them and marvel at their shapes and regal feel. Just as old cars have an air about them old boats do as well. Their prices are stratospheric but that does not bother us much because we have absolutely no interesting in buying one.

Take a photo stroll through a show that features it all from Ferraris to drag cars, and boats galore!

keels n wheels 072

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4 thoughts on “Keels N Wheels 2015: More Coverage From The Amazing Show In Texas

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    The bats have left the belfry the dragons have been bled

    Bela Lugosi’s dead

    Undead undead undead

    And you can bet your blood-sucking ass he’s just got out of the trunk of the black beauty in the caption photo!

    Awesome – what the Hell is it by the way?

    1. ColoradoKid

      Thats a good question … and if I may … a damn clever way of asking it as well CHMG 😉

      So errr …

      Mr Lohnes ?

      To borrow a phrase from a personal favorite SNL sketch ;

      ” What the hell is that ? “

  2. CharlesW

    its a 1 of 1 Rolls Royce made in 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe by Jonckheere — “This exotic ‘Round Door’ Rolls-Royce was delivered new in 1925 with a Hooper Cabriolet body to its first owner, Mrs. Hugh Dillman of Detroit. Apparently, it never left England and was resold when still virtually new to the Raja of Nanpara.

    1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

      Thank you for that, Charles!

      I am familiar with this beauty but have never seen it from the rear with its trunk open.

      I’d like to see it parked in the flat field next to the hollow hills!

      Bauhaus – a sorely missed band indeed!

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