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Huge Gallery: A Tour of the New England Air Museum

Huge Gallery: A Tour of the New England Air Museum

Windsor Locks, Connecticut is home to the New England Air Museum, a truly epic place that we first visited this past weekend. Housing dozens of planes and more than 100 aircraft engines on display, the museum features everything from military jets to Wright brothers era canvas planes. The New England Air Museum has “open cockpit” days where a dozen or so planes and choppers, as well as simulators are opened up to the public to sit in. We shot a gallery of nearly three hundred photos catching the highlights (as we saw them) of the collection. 

Not shockingly, we were most enamored with the naked airplane engines on display. There is a lot of rare iron sitting in the massive three hanger layout of the museum. They have what is believed to be the only running Wright Brothers engine in the world, dozens of brass era engines that are constructed of 100% unobtanium, and some fantastic displays to boot.

The true centerpiece of the museum is a B-29 that was restored by volunteers at the facility. Named Jack’s Hack, it has the coolest gearhead themed nose art we have ever seen. You can see a teaser photo of it below.

We left with a huge appreciation for the evolution of aircraft over the last 110 years or so. It is amazing to see how many different companies were making planes, how many bizarre and massive engines were employed and how quickly technology has evolved.

If you are within a day’s drive of Connecticut, you owe it to yourself to see this place. We’re not saying we entered with low expectation, we just didn’t know what to expect. The museum blew our doors off and the doors of our kids and wife as well.

All those motors!

Gallery Link: A Tour of the New England Air Museum 

Jack's Hack B-29 

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