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Linda Vaughn Pictorial: Amazing Photos of an Amazing Woman

Linda Vaughn Pictorial: Amazing Photos of an Amazing Woman

Linda Vaughn is as much a part of the 1960s rodding and racing scene as any famous racer or car builder. It wasn’t a major racing event in America if Miss Hurst Golden Shifter wasn’t there to cruise around clinging to a massive Hurst handle, glad hand with fans or present a winning driver with a kiss and a trophy. She’s an incredibly gracious and intelligent woman who has stories that any gearhead in America would long to hear. She knows where ALL the bodies are buried!

Linda’s rise to iconic status began with humble roots. As a young woman in her late teens, Vaughn won the title of Miss Atlanta Raceway. This allowed her to ditch out on being a dental technician and hit the road promoting the track. That gig led to another as Miss Pure Firebird, promoting Pure motor oil at tracks across the country. At the close of that gig, she met George Hurst, won the contest to become Miss Hurst Golden Shifter and the rest, as they say, is history.

This collection of photos shows Vaughn in full bombshell mode during the 1960s and early 1970s. The fashions, combined with her smile and other-worldly natural assets seared her image into the brains of every living male creature that saw her. She became one of the world’s best known spokes models and to this day, her name conjures the instant image of Hurst.

Hit the link below to see Linda Vaughn in all her glory!

We should mention that Linda is still very active today and remains one of the most gracious, kind people we’ve had the chance to introduce ourselves to as weenie media dudes. Linda is one awesome lady.

Click here for the Linda Vaughn pictorial 

Linda Vaughn and the Hurstettes

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10 thoughts on “Linda Vaughn Pictorial: Amazing Photos of an Amazing Woman

  1. Gary Smrtic

    I just went there to look for pix of Nikki Phillips! I always thought she was the hottest of the bunch…

  2. BlueSkyDreamer

    I like the pic of Linda with the original ‘shifter’ cart before anyone ever heard the term before

  3. jerry z

    Saw her at the Summernationals in Etown during the 70’s and 80’s. Never disappoints. Ever!

  4. Brendan M

    Ok, if I have to be the one to say it I will, HOOTERS!!!!!
    By the way, nice product placement with the Hurst logo on the old poop chute.

  5. Bubba Smith

    They were all beautiful, and surely Linda has been a fantastic ambassador for Hurst and has earned her spot in motor sports history…but how did that Nikki not get more attention?

  6. 69rrboy

    Had the absolute honor of meeting her several times. Linda is one of the greatest product spokespersons ever, she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet , and she’s got the greatest memory of any human ever. She’ll remember a person she met once 5 years later. Honestly.

    Thank you for all you’ve done and I hope you keep doing it for many years to come!!

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