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New Car Friday: Ford Finally Releases Focus RS’s Power Figures: 345 Horsepower And 324 Pounds-Feet Of Torque, With More On Demand!

New Car Friday: Ford Finally Releases Focus RS’s Power Figures: 345 Horsepower And 324 Pounds-Feet Of Torque, With More On Demand!

Ever since we saw the video of Ken Block sliding around a preproduction Focus RS, Ford has played coy with the actual power figures of the car. While we applaud Ford for not showing their hand from the beginning, just as they did with the GT supercar, there is that annoying factor of “no, really, how much power?” The number they’ve floated for a while has been 315 horsepower, but they’ve also been doing the “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” deal that was meant to convey the message that the 315 horsepower number was complete bullshit on their part. And it was, because Ford just announced that the Focus RS’s actual number is 350 PS…er, 345 horsepower, and 324 ft/lbs of torque normally. We say “normally”, because there is an over boost function that will provide 347 ft/lbs of torque for up to fifteen seconds at a shot. Maximum torque comes in between 2,000-4,500 RPM, which should provide plenty of motivation. Considering that this is the same turbocharged 2.3 mill that’s found in the Mustang EcoBoost, it begs the question of why the basic Mustang is only “making do” with 310 horsepower.

Ford isn’t being shy about this car’s intentions, either. “We promised enthusiasts a serious driving machine and, with 350 PS under the hood, that is exactly what we will deliver,” said Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance. “The stunning pace and innovative technology of the all-new Focus RS place it head-to-head with performance models from luxury and exotic marques, and it’s ready for the challenge.” While the car is aimed squarely at the Subaru STi and the market left by the outgoing Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, the power rating and the all-wheel-drive system means that it can easily go scare plenty of other cars on an autocross or road course. Hurry up, Ford. We want a crack at this little beast!



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7 thoughts on “New Car Friday: Ford Finally Releases Focus RS’s Power Figures: 345 Horsepower And 324 Pounds-Feet Of Torque, With More On Demand!

  1. Wolf

    still disappointed it’s an ugly 5 door after teasing us with a much better looking 3 door prototype last year. Also still trying to understand why Ford gives the rest of the world 3 door Focus and Fiesta ST’s, and we’re stuck with only the 5 door models here.

    1. ColoradoKid

      …. and yet in the end that’ll be the least of the disappointments coming from the … cough .. hack …. ‘ new ‘ Focus RS

  2. ColoradoKid

    Yeah yeah , more manufactures hyper inflated claims that only lead to major disappointment once the car is in the hands of the consumer [ amazing how the ‘ test ‘ vehicles always manage to outrun the showroom models ] followed up by the usual cynical marketing , Hype & Hyperbole , downright lies and claims they’ll never live up to .

    And yet … and yet … the automotive press keeps buying into the manufactures bull**** Hook , Line and Sinker

    Gee .. I wonder why that is ? Could it possibly be a few advertising dollars sliding under the table ? Threats of not getting test cars in the future ? The distinct possibility that any member of the automotive press that dares to stand up to the manufactures will be black balled for life perhaps ?

    Nahhh … never happens … not in this Corporation dominated … you the reader are now the commodity being sold … US of A .

    Nahhh … not in a million years …

    Seriously BangShift . Unless you’re willing to risk it all and start doing some genuine and investigative journalism [ versus regurgitating the corporate line verbatim ] … leave the new car business to those already under the corporate ‘ spell ‘ . Guaranteed if you don’t … it’ll only corrupt what ever ethics you hold dear to .

    Or to quote Don Draper [ ” Mad Men ” ]

    ” Every time we get involved with an automaker it feels like we’re doing business with a Whorehouse ”

    When it comes to the automakers .. never have truer words ever been spoken .

  3. Patrick

    Ok kid we get it you hate it. You hate ford. You hate fords with turbos. One minute you pine for good ol v8 days, the next you are some kind of Eco freak. God forbid they made this car, one people said they would buy, tones of power, etc. it’s like the guys who whine about no base model stripper camaros with ac delete, rubber carpet, and manual windows. You know why they don’t make them? Because the whiners don’t buy them!

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